Learn How a Star 500 Exploded to Blue Diamond in 4 Weeks

We knew that would get your attention.

Read this information and check it twice because the content here has the potential to give you the same results as stated in the title.

Let us educate you for a second:

In the US alone, every month… at least 1.5 Million individuals come online to seek out the Monavie opportunity. That’s 375,000 every week…. 53,000 every day… and GET THIS: 2,200 an HOUR.

With 97% of Monavie Distributors not making enough money to cover their autoship, you have to ask yourself WHY, when there are 2,200 people an hour searching for what they have.

We will tell you why…

This 97% are doing exactly what their upline has told them. Tasting Parties, Hotel Meetings, Live Conference calls, and calling everyone they know.

Don’t get us wrong, the traditional methods of Network Marketing have brought success to some. The majority however, FAIL.


It’s not in everyone’s personality type to excel in these methods of Marketing. Only 15% of the population has an “A Type” personality. These types of people are fearless, and extremely persistent.

They will call 150 people on their Warm Market List to hear 149 No’s… and keep going until they get to that one YES. Not everyone is capable of this… hence the failure rate.

Network Marketing is a Gold Mine. We are living in the California Gold Rush all over again. Just like in 1849, there are those that strike gold and there is the majority going broke.

Remind you of something?

The Internet is THE BEST WAY to Strike Gold.

By leveraging the Internet… you can learn how to attract those Millions of people that are actively seeking what you have to offer.

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  • Rachael Mathews

    I enjoyed this post very much. I recently started college and in need of some cash. This company seems very promising. It may be what I am searching for. I need to do some more research now on google. Thanks again for this great post. I will check out the rest of your site

  • Toby & Layla

    Make sure to research the different ways that our bodies absorb pills… in comparison to food or juice products. Of course we are so absorbed in a pharmaceutical society that we are programmed to think pills will help.

    The acai berry is the number one superfood in the world… but I’d be interested to see if anyone else has any opinions.

  • Andrew Pelt

    Hi i’ve been hearing about hoodia pills but also heard people talk about this acai berry http://is.gd/4U5tY is better by a few people so i’m undecided, anyone have any experience with both of these?

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