The Truth About MonaVie: The Real Deal or NOT?

There is a new kid on the MLM block, and the word is spreading about MonaVie. This Health & Wellness monster is taking the Home Based Business market by storm. However, we all want to know if MonaVie’s colossal growth is the real deal or not.

MonaVie, being started in 2005, is still in the toddler stages of their business. Reaching a Billion dollars in this kind of time span has NEVER been done in Home Based Business arena before, until MonaVie. In it’s first 4 years, this Functional Health Beverage has grown faster than a little company we’ve all heard of, Microsoft.

If you’re in the MLM business, you’ve heard of the Inc. 500 magazine. MonaVie was published, out of 27 million private companies that applied, #1 in Food and Beverage, #3 in Revenue, and #18 in Overall Growth. Sounds like the real deal to me.

But will it last?

The reason that MonaVie is gaining new distributors at a rate faster than the Home Based Business arena has seen in years, is because people are seeing the results. With 50+ distributors already making over 1.5 Million in just 4 years, MonaVie is setting new standards that other MLM companies cannot compete with.

Even with the success of MonaVie distributors and the numbers being published, even though MonaVie is expanding on a Global scale, even though they’ve grown faster than Microsoft; why are almost 75,000 of MonaVie’s distributors making less than $100.00 a week?

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MonaVie Distributors will argue that these groups of people are simply customers that want to use the product and are not concerned with building an MLM organization. Who wouldn’t be interested in making 6 or 7 figures? It’s clearly possible within MonaVie, so why are so many not achieving those incomes?

Here is why 45% of MonaVie Distributors are failing in their Home Based Business. The key to success, in ANY company within MLM, is to make you Valuable. Once you yourself are valuable, you will have a greater Social Influence over prospects, both online and offline.

What’s the most efficient way to increase your Social Influence in MLM?

The Internet.

Where else can you reach out to thousands of people with a click of a button? Where else can you join a group of Network Marketers with 10,000 members? Now here is the tricky part, optimizing on this mass-networking tool the right way.

The fastest way to go from less than $100 a week to $100,000 a week (which quite a few people within MonaVie are accomplishing) is to find yourself the BEST Online System, that helps you brand YOURSELF on the Internet. Increase your Social Influence online; get trained by the people that have what you want and amplify your Value.

If you’re in MonaVie and fall into that 45%, or if you’re looking at MonaVie and want to avoid it; the only answer is to research and focus on an Online Self Branding System that adds the value to YOU and not the juice.

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