My Lost iPhone created a Riot on the Internet (See Details Inside)

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My Lost iPhone is probably jammed in the seat of some Orange and Green cab in Toronto.

Or someone has found it and is trying to figure out how to activate it now that I’ve cancelled the service. I like to believe there are people like me that exist in this world… people that would return a Wallet like this with a brand new iPhone 5 in it. I read on a Toronto forum that if you leave a phone in a cab, consider it lost in the abyss. LOL

It never hurts to think positively though right?

lost iphoneWhether I get my lost iPhone back or not, the “story” went viral on Facebook.

It inspired almost 45 response Youtube Videos!

Who knew a Lost iPhone could ignite such passion in people.

Have you ever lost your iPhone? Or something very valuable? Have you ever carried a guilt around because of something that was lost? Have you ever had something happen to you that could have TOTALLY ruined your day…. but you came out Smiling?

I Shared my Secret for pulling yourself back from the Dark side when life throws you road bumps. Press Play Below to Hear!

Maybe you’ve Lost an iPhone before, maybe your purse or your wallet…. but after watching this video, do you feel you would be able to handle it differently?

The power of what you just watched is not in a lost iPhone. The real story here is how ONE MOMENT in your life, can impact thousands of people… but ONLY if you share that moment.

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