My Mom’s First Video Debut (What She Really Thinks About the Challenge)

I Love My Mom.

As you read that statement above you probably agreed that YOU love your Mom too.

In the last 3 years my mom, my dad, my entire family never took an interest in what Toby and I do. Even though we made a 6 Figure Income from home, drove around in Luxury Cars, traveled the world…. they just never understood it. Not only did they not understand it, but a lot of people really didn’t support it. Most thought I was crazy to drop out of University, and too smart to be wasting my time online.

When we announced our resignation last week, and started to tell our family what our new plans were… we’d NEVER seen people take an interest like they do in The Challenge.

I will tell you personally, I have never seen my mom EVER…. Cut a Video. She hates the camera. So the fact that she cut this video for me over the weekend, tells you that she has something Important she wants to say.

Press Play and Meet My Mom 🙂 (Leave Her lots of comment love so when she sees this post after work she will get the warm and fuzzies that you guys give me everyday!)

Okay so you’re asking yourself now…. How Do I Learn More About this Family ARMY That Toby and Layla are Creating?

TODAY ONLY: 2 Exclusive Webinars Where Toby and Layla, Lawrence Tam, Cedrick Harris, The Social Cowgirl, Nick Bramble, and Kelley Williams announce the FAMILY TEAM That is Changing LIVES.

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    very much I Like it.

  • James Ratcliffe

    Great video. If I call you MA, you could throw me out the window with all that energy! Kinda like Layla did Toby? So here’s to ya sister. Young look’n and sweet and little scarey. LOL

  • Daphne

    Its so cool to have the support of your family! You guys Rock!

  • LD Klippert

    Great video by you guys. Layla just think of all of the years your mom has mentored you and continues to do in life that you get to help mentor her along in this great journey.

    Best wishes and success,

  • Marnee Masales

    Awesome job Layla’s mom. Great smile! Best of luck.

  • Daniel Truitt

    OMG! Layla your mom is an absolute *R*O*C*K*S*T*A*R*! We all now know where you get your ease and natural charm in front of the camera. It looked like she has been doing videos online for years. Mrs. Staats, you are an encouragement to us all. You have done it all from raising a rockstar to now being one yourself! Simply amazing! I’m already anticipating your next update…

  • shaila

    Hey Tricia !
    Great job ! You can’t help but be a success with Layla around. She is an excellent teacher and I am sure she will have you making boat loads of money sooner than you believed was possible.
    Congratulations on your new path and business. I wish you all the love,health and success you have ever wanted.
    To a splendid year Tricia.
    Bright blessings,

  • Luis

    That’s an awesome video, and that is your first one? Wow!

  • jodi carwan

    She is a natural, I loved the way she answered each question through love for what you’re doing and how it’s going to change her life. Congrats to the family and awesome job to Layla’s Moma… keep up the great work and rock out the challenge!!

  • Tia Dillard

    Absolutely awesome!!!

  • Julie K Beachum

    That was an amazing video of “my moms challenge”!!! Thanks for sharing and encouraging not only team but family commitment!!


  • Sue Hanson

    Way to go Mom. Great job with the video too. It’s so great when families pull together.

  • Judi Sheehan

    Great job! Congratulations both on making the video and losing the weight!!

  • Pat

    Hey Mrs Staats!!
    first of all, I wanted to say Congratulations for your success thus far…
    and I am sure you know you have an incredible daughter and son-in-law
    who are truly committed to changing people’s lives for the better!

    Go get em…and enjoy your new found success!!
    oh, by the way, Beamers are the Best~!~


  • Delois McKay

    Great video Layla’s mom. Now I know where she gets her “realness” from. All the best to you all.

  • Toby & Layla

    Thanks Anne, we’ll make sure to keep everyone in the loop on how the Staats/Black Families are doing in the Challenge. I keep telling her the MORE she does it, the easier it gets 🙂

    Appreciate your comment Anne!

  • Valerie

    This is really really great that you and Toby have the support of your whole family, which is a huge accomplishment in itself. When most families can’t even talk to each other your family is joining forces for health and economy! Awesome accomplishment.

  • Anne McAllister

    Way to go Layla’s Mom! I know how it feels to get in front of the camera, daunting! The challenge seems to be really rocking, and the fact that getting three freinds to join you means getting your product for free, pretty cool. The BMW bit isn’t bad either. Good luck to all your family who are taking part.


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