The FIRST Official Recording Release of the Popular Live Video Broadcast “Toby and Layla TV”

You’ve probably seen our emails now looking like the one to the left. Since we’ve incorporated the My Video Talk Email Broadcasts we have tracked a 57% increase in our Open Rate, and 128% SPIKE in Click Throughs.

What does that tell us?

People LIKE Video Emails more than TEXT.

Our contacts have been HOUNDING us to release a Recording of our Live Broadcasts using the My Vide Talk Studio that have been getting the attention of the Marketing Gods. Multiple 7 Figure Earners have been Raving about “Toby and Layla TV”.

Imagine this scene (and sit down for this one): 2 Broke Ass Musicians, Living in the Basement of a Bar… in Less than a Year have created an Online Brand SO STRONG that Top Income Earners are calling them saying “I’ve been watching your work, love what you do… just need the sign up link for My Video Talk!”

Yeah… We Fell Off Our Chair TOO!

If you haven’t seen the My Video Broadcaster live in action yet, then you seriously don’t know what you’re missing. As Internet Marketers Toby and I have spent HOURS and HOURs on Training Webinars, and never have we seen a platform that is so much fun and so interactive! My Video Talk as a TOOL will revolutionize the way the Network Marketing industry does business.

It’s like the 21st Century Home Party on Steroids.

For HALF the price of GotoMeeting, My Live Broadcaster has waaaaaaaay more features. The Live HD Quality streaming video adds another dimension to the standard old webinar, and the Interactive Chat box brings all the viewers together to talk and ask questions. So it’s half the price, the features are way COOLER… and there’s also an Email Broadcaster, Live Channel, Webshow, and Multi-Cam Conferencing?

Kind of sounds like a no brainer eh? (Yeah we’re hearing that a lot)

The entire industry is shifting to Video. With 80% of Websites now using Video, you can see there is a huge trend. People want to BRAND THEMSELVES and they want to CONNECT, and that’s exactly what My Video Talk offers.

Check out the Live Broadcast from Last Night That Had Multi-7-Figure Earners Calling US to Sign Up. Just Click the Link Below (Simply Log in as a Guest with a Nickname!)

If You Watch That Live Broadcast and You’re Ready to Incorporate My Video Talk into YOUR Brand and your Marketing, we’ve included our DIRECT SIGN UP LINK so you can partner with the MVT Rockstars <– Click Here to Let Video Explode Your Business!

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