Special Message to all New My Video Talk Customers *$4447.00 in Giveaways in this Video*

So what is this My Video

Talk Tool…that all the

Top Internet Marketers

are talking about???

JUST TO CLEAR THE AIR: No… Toby and Layla did not “JUMP SHIP” and are still CRAZY Promoters of Gold and Silver through Numis Network. However we all know the name of the game is Multiple Streams of Income, and using a phenomenal Video Marketing tool for $49.00 a month, AND GETTING PAID to use it… pretty good deal for anyone in any business.

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  • Justin

    Hey Toby and Layla,

    Some pretty amazing content in this webinar. I know there is another company out there with the same products and services talked about here. They claim that their deliverablity rate (the rate that their vmails get into inboxes instead of being treated as SPAM) is 99%. What do you know about the deliverability rate for My Video Talk?

    I figure, if the company has been around long enough to have grown to the size they are today, they must have tracked this.

    The reason I ask is, if the emails get stopped by spam filters, they don’t get read and their use as a marketing tool is null.

    Just comparison shopping.


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