My Video Talk Review: Do NOT Join the My Video Talk Opportunity Until You Read This

Is My Video Talk really the next big thing?

After Masterminding with some of the Top Internet & Network Marketers on the planet this weekend at the Live the Dream Event in Vegas, the word “My Video Talk” often came up in conversation. We found that many Network Marketers thought that My Video Talk was simply Video Emails.

Over the Next 5 Years 80% of the Email Market will be overpowered by Video Emails. Since My Video Talk has been successfully sending Video Emails for the last 8 years, their technology is definitely in front of the trends.

My Video Talk has a simple Video Emailer that has that WOW factor. And let’s face it… whatever industry you’re in, if you’re not building FAMILY LIKE RELATIONSHIPS with your clients… what’s going to keep them coming back to you over and over again?

In this economy can you really AFFORD to lose a customer? Video Email allows you to build those bridges with your customers so they NEVER leave.

However unlike a lot of the competing Video Marketing technology providers popping up in the industry, the My Video Talk products stretch far beyond just the reach of your Email inbox.

Who’s heard of a little service called GoToMeeting? Who recently saw their Monthly fee for GoToMeeting increase from $99/month to $299/month? CRAZY isn’t it!!!

GotoMeeting to release Live Video Streaming within 6-12Months.

What’s the starting monthly fee? The lowest packages are proposed at $250/months. Now that tells you that MyVideoTalk is perfectly positioned at $49/month!

This is where My Video Talk is dominating the competition, and countries in Asia like Singapore, Malaysia, China, and Hong Kong are latching on to My Video Talk and loving it. My Video Talk has more than Video Email, their Live Video Broadcaster makes GoToMeeting look like a day out of the Caveman Era. The Live Video Streaming adds the personal connection factor that all of the other Webinar Service Providers are missing.

My Video Talk’s Live Broadcaster has incredibly interactive features, like the live interactive chatbox, Video sharing, Desktop Sharing, quick and simple file sharing, an interactive Whiteboard, and so much more.

So Let’s Recap What $49/month Gets You From My Video Talk

  • Fully Branded and Customizable Video Emails
  • Interactive and Customizable Live Video Broadcaster
  • Your Own Professionally Branded Video Channel
  • Enrollment into Web Based E-Courses “My Live Learning” on Everything from Mindset to Real Estate Investing
  • Web Conferencing with up to 7 Live Video Streams at Once
  • Your Own Personal WebShow with a Daily “TV Guide” like structure to have scheduled broadcasts all day long

You didn’t hear the Coolest part about My Video Talk…

My Video Talk has incorporated a PAY PER VIEW functionality into their Broadcaster and Webshow. Yes, you read that right…. you can actually CHARGE people to attend your broadcasts. THINK OF THE POSSIBILITIES.

Les Brown, the #1 Public Speaker on the planet right now…. is a HUGE promoter of My Video Talk. Why? Because he no longer has to travel from city to city, paying for travel expenses, hotels, equipment, etc etc. He can now broadcast his seminars LIVE to thousands across the globe (for a whopping $49/month) and actually charge people to attend. If you’re doing any kind of Training, Public Speaking, or Motivational Speaking…. you probably just sat up in your chair and reread that last sentence.

So…. More Products, More Features, and a Lower Price. Sounds like My Video Talk has the Perfect Placement and Timing to us.

And Guess What… after 8 Successful years Internationally… My Video Talk has just LAUNCHED in the United States. 120 Days into the Prelaunch and Already Thousands are Jumping on board. Everyone says that though, the best Comp plan (PS. The comp plan pays out 77% LOL!!!!), the Best Products, The Best Team….. But we will actually prove that it’s not just Prelaunch HYPE.

What Kind of Results Would You See if Your Business Had It’s Own TV Show?

My Video Talk is exciting the industry with their new Webshow. YES… there are other Webinar Platforms, YES… there are other Video Emails… but NO ONE HAS THIS PRODUCT. You’re very own Branded TV Channel. We just launched Toby and Layla TV with the My Video Talk Webshow recently and it absolutely ROCKED.

The fact that you can brand yourself with your own TV CHANNEL with My Video Talk makes this the Hottest Product in the line. Every industry will benefit from incorporating this product into their marketing.

These are the Industries we have seen dramatic results with My Video Talk Products:

  • Dentists
  • Network Marketers
  • Internet Marketers
  • Hairstylists
  • Tattoo Artists
  • Photographers
  • Musicians
  • Small Business Owners
  • Sales Reps
  • Florists
  • Churches
  • Charities
  • Schools

Documentation BEATS conversation:

Take this WELL KNOWN Juice Company… that’s currently paying out the largest checks in the industry of nearly 1 Million Dollars a Month. Look at the Traffic DECREASES in the last 3 Months.

Now Look at My Video Talk and then YOU be the Judge!

Why don’t you take YOUR company and type it into Alexa and see if your traffic has increased by 251% in the last 3 Months. Just Check it Out.

So How Are New People Making Money so Quickly with My Video Talk?

Rachael Macgregor from Scotland, had been on the internet for 25 Days… when she found My Video Talk. In her first 4 days she made $500.00! How? Because she was simply talking to people about a TOOL that would help them brand themselves, build relationships, and generate leads ONLINE. And guess what…. ANYONE in Business was her target market. People have a “STIGMA” about talking to friends and family about business opportunities.

Think about this…. What Business Opportunity can you sponsor your BOSS into? Well Salinda Howell did just that… signed her Boss up, owner of a very successful Insurance Agency. Now that is powerful.

So if it makes sense to you to use a branded tool, if it makes sense to stop paying for expensive services like GoToMeeting, if it makes sense to you to Promote a TOOL that everyone NEEDS….

And If You Want to Stop Trying Different Opportunities and NEVER Getting Paid, and You’re Ready to Work With a Team of Marketers That is Producing Pay Checks in the First WEEK, CLICK THE LINK BELOW. Otherwise, Your Competition Will.

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    fantastic issues altogether, you just won a new reader.
    What would you suggest about your put up that you just made some days ago?
    Any positive?

  • Xanthe

    Hi, thanks for the post, I have a few queries..

    1. May I know if MVT can broadcast to 1000-2000 emails each time?
    2. Can MAC users use MVT or receive emails/view videos from MVT?

    3. Will MVT be designing more versions of the templates?

  • Timmi Tan

    Your view of video Email Marketing makes it alive and blows my mind off, what can be done with the power of videos over emails – Singapore.

  • Juan

    Thanks for your guide. I am signing with MVT tomorrow. I hope it will help me boost my business and add some bucks to my pocket

  • Ellen Agius

    Thanks Toby and Layla…you have given people a lot of awesome reasons to consider My Video Talk…this is a great company with great products and a team of supporters to ensure your success…what more could you ask for?

  • Nate Holland

    Wow!…fantastic post, guys! All I can say about anybody who passes up MVT is…well I don’t even know what to say! lol

  • Cedrick Harris

    This is 1 killer blog post. The value, facts, and testimonials are amazing. Keep changing lives and bringing value to the world Toby and Lay!!

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    Love the post and I seriously need to look into MVT!

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    Great Post. I enjoyed reading it! Rock on!

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    Awesome post Guys,I love your blog. Super awesome.

  • Sue Hanson

    Great article guys. Whom ever is using GoToMeeting and doesn’t start using MVT is just throwing money down the drain. Thanks for your continuing leadership.

  • Toby & Layla

    It really is a NO BRAINER. Thanks for commenting guys! MVT Rockstars ROCK!

  • Corina Beckby

    THIS IS AWESOME! You guys did an amazing job and introduced MVT as a tool that no one can prosper without! Facts,Figures, Testimonials and proof! This IS leadership!

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    Great article you guys! You ROCK!

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