MyLeadSystemPro Tip: As A Home Business Owner… You Actually Own Nothing.

This is something that MyLeadSystemPro members all know… but we figured it’s time to share it with the rest of the MLM industry.

In the Home Based Business arena you will see many a Network Marketer out there promoting their company. They’ll have a big company logo as their face on Facebook. Their blog will be puking “Business Opportunity”. But really they don’t own sqwuat.

Is it not true that your company AT ANY MOMENT can:

  • Kick You Out and Keep Your Downline

  • Change the Comp Plan and Take Your Money

  • Close It’s Doors and Disappear into the Dreaded Section 13

[if you don’t believe us read the fine print in your contract… You actually don’t own anything]

So what can you do to prevent being at the mercy of your CEOs?


Create your very own Me™….

You Inc….

Brand YOU!

If you have positioned yourself as a leader that offers value, (as appose to those Peddlers that we ALL know and their 16 paragraph messages on Facebook that they send in their Friend Request!) and you’ve created a reputation and a brand for yourself…. No CEO can take that away.

And when your company faces bankruptcy, your brand is strong enough to bring your entire downline with you!

How Can You Brand YOU?

Well, you could go out and hire web designers… pay thousands for personalized capture pages, a customized sales funnels. Then hire the top marketers and pay top dollars for TRAINING TRAINING TRAINING. Then try and convice your entire team to do the exact same thing so you can have duplication throughout your organization.


You could save the money, save the hours, save the headache… and use a Proven Marketing System like MyLeadSystemPro.

MyleadSystemPro is what we like to call

“Drop Your Kids Off At

Internet Marketing School”.

You are able to Brand YOU as someone that can give people a solution to their problems… Leads, Cashflow, and Training.

Cause let’s face it… if you haven’t taught someone how to market and you sign them up in your company, you’ve just handed them a brand new problem.

If you still aren’t getting the concept of using a Marketing System and Branding Yourself… check out some of these videos explaining WHY it’s critical to your success.

Aaron Chen

Tracy Walker

If you’re still skeptical about using an Online Marketing System like MyLeadSystemPro the only REAL way you are ever going to know for sure is to TRY IT.

Tell you what… Test Drive the System Here

And if after 30 Days you aren’t as Certain as we are that MyLeadSystemPro is going to help you BRAND yourself and Generate leads for your home business online…

We’ll cover your first month.

You’ve got nothing to lose except possibly your downline.

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  • MyLeadSystemPro Review

    The key to experiencing success in MyLeadSystemPro is to incorporate the trainings into a daily routine and practice the methods learned until you become a master at it. Success in anything requires dedication, sacrifice and a determination that will withstand any obstacles encountered.

  • Marcus Baker

    Hey T&L,

    Great post! Been with MLSP for about 6 weeks and it’s just the best thing there is out there. Love the fact that it allows the business owner to take control back – as it should be!

  • Toby & Layla

    Thanks for commenting Toby… haha… I mean Tony 😉 You are rockin’ in the system… it’s all about branding You… no matter what Marketing system you use or if you’ve created your own…. Just offer value.
    Watch out for Tony everyone…!

  • Tony

    Hey guys, this is a nice approach. I like it. This is one of the main reasons I got involved with MLSP. It gives you the power to take your business to level that only this system can accomplish. Great post.


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