MyLeadSystemPro: L4’s Put Their Panties on One Leg at a Time Too!!


We made this quick and hilarious video to show you guys that we aren’t superheros. We are just 2 average youngsters.

  • We didn’t know how to read HTML code.

  • We didn’t know what capture pages were.

  • Autoresponders sound like some kind of transformer!

  • We weren’t Internet Marketing Gurus.


  • Committed to Learning Every Single Day

  • Determined not to give up until we broke through

  • Willing to Make Sacrifices in order to get there

  • Dedicated to being Consistent!

We Recently Hit L4 in the #1 Attraction Marketing System on the Planet MyLeadSystemPro and we want you all to know that we are Humans Too! And If we can buckle down and go to work and GET IT DONE…. So can you! Check out this special video we made for you….

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Keep Rocking n Rolling,

Toby & Layla
Social Media Experts
Phone – 813 373 8114


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We are fun loving, traveling parents who's mission in life is to assist others to live FREE! That's it. End of story. We have created a life rich in freedom and options thanks to social media marketing & owning our own online businesses. To Get FREE ACCESS to our "3 Step - 2K A Day System Simply Click on the Link :

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  • Fontella Williams


    This video was hilarious! I love your energy. Thanks for letting us know that we can do it too while living and enjoying life!

  • Chris Bernardo

    Toby and layla,

    Thanks for writing this post , i find the information that you have shared of great value to the people that i connect with and going to pass this on to my tribe. I look forward to reading more from you.


  • James

    I love to see people having fun! That’s the way to work it – work and play as hard as you work and play as … !

  • Brian Tomlinson

    Haha…you guys rock. That’s the way to go, have fun and making it happen.


  • billy combs

    Glad to see REAL People NOT afraid to BE THEMSELVES , even the part of Partying TOO Hard , ha , but why didn’t you guys pan the video camera UP when putting on Your undies , ONLY kidding , from Just Billy

  • Toby & Layla

    Thanks George! We will certainly be seeing you following in our footsteps!
    =) If we can do it… anyone can!


  • George Rojas

    That was awesome you guys! CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve set a great example, now we just gotta follow it! Have fun on the cruise!

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