MyLeadSystemPro Tip: Offline Marketing (Ninja Style)

Don’t Just Leave Your Lead

Generation Up To


Start using this super secret, underground, ninja style  offline marketing technique…

This works like crazy BELIEVE us…Imagine YOU are the cleaning lady….

You came to this country (or what ever country you are in) to start a better life. But the only work you could get was cleaning rooms. You have a family to take care of here and back home and you need the money.

So you slave over these rooms everyday with NO tips and crappy pay, then one day some nice person leaves you a nice tip ($5,$10.$20) and a note talking about making a new life,and financial freedom…

What would you do???

Of course you would be all over that tip, and the note…

This works like gangbusters, and you deserve to be using it…

Don’t Just Leave Your Lead

Generation Up To MyLeadSystemPro

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  • Toby & Layla

    Shawn, it works like gangbusters! 🙂

  • Shawn

    Wow this is a sweet tip… Thank you, I do travel a lot and I can see how this will increase lead flow into my funnel. Keep pumping out this awesome value.

  • Tony

    Hey guys…great tip. Nice way to take advantage of every opportunity.


  • Ty Neal

    That an Awesome Tip Thanks Toby And Layla Keep Bring the value to the table.. Take care

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