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Hi Rockers,

Today I am talking about the Art of the 3 Way Call… A good friend and legend in our Industry Todd Falcone (have you heard of him) told us in person and in his Little Black Book Of Scripts (which is amazing by the way), “The more 3 ways you do with your leaders, the faster and bigger your business will grow…

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  • Ryan

    Hey Layla, Thank you for make that video about 3 way calls. My way of thinking was that I was not showing the other person I knew what I was talking about. Cause of the video I sign 5 people in my primary this morning. It’s all because of your video, thank you. Please keep the videos coming. Take care and I hope you have a great day, cause of you I am.

    P.S. Thank you Toby also for the advice you gave me of the phone
    about the videos.

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