MyVideoTalk Compensation Plan Review: Crazy 30 Day Lowered Price Before Official USA Launch April 16th

MyVideoTalk has done something that No Network Marketing Companies around are doing.

Don’t get us wrong, Network Marketing Companies change their compensation plans all the time.

We heard of a couple just yesterday that had capped off their Top 10 Income Earners. One of our personal friends who is the #1 Recruiter in a different company who suddenly one day gets a call from the owners saying “Sorry, there is no more compensation plan. We’re closing the Network Marketing division. It happens every single day in this industry.

We’re sure you can probably think of a couple people you know personally, that have had to deal with a horrible situation like that. Look at these Network Marketing companies that are here one second and gone the next.

MyVideoTalk did not change their compensation plan.

But what MyVideoTalk has done is announced a change that is going to propel the MVT USA Growth THROUGH THE ROOF before MyVideoTalk OFFICIALLY Launches the USA April 16th in Caesar’s Palace Las Vegas! The growth is predicted to Smash records in MyVideoTalk‘s 9 year History.

Yes, MyVideoTalk has been in business for 9 Years, they have made 20+ Millionaires overseas in Places like India and Asia.


Want to See a Full Review on the MyVideoTalk products? Click any of the cool little MyVideoTalk hyperlinks in this post. MyVideoTalk is positioned to soar past Web Conferencing platforms like GoToMeeting and WebX in the next 2 years. WHY? Because MyVideoTalk offers a better more interactive platform, more features and LIVE STREAMING VIDEO… for a third, sometimes a fifth of the price.

THE ANNOUNCEMENT: MyVideoTalk is Lowering The Prize of Their Business Builder Package to $299 for the Next 30 Days. Starting Now.

As if that pie wasn’t sweet enough…. the Rockstar Team is giving away $888 worth of Tools and Products in a “Failure is NOT an Option” Bonus Pack. Already 300 of these Bonus Packs are going out (and that was just last night).

Our Never Been Seen Before “Famous on Facebook Course” that we have been locked in the lab cranking out for the last 3 Months…. that people are Crawling over each other to sink their teeth into… YEAH, We are throwing it in as a FREE BONUS. We Know We Know… all the Gurus Think we are NUTS.

Our Coach and Mentor has included 2 of his CD Sets… Audios that literally took 2 Broke Musicians from the Basement of a Bar to ROCKSTAR STATUS in less than a year online. Our Coach who shall remain nameless for now since his brand is so powerful that even uttering his name will send this thing BAZZZERK!

Fine Fine Fine… Press Play on the Video Below to see ALL the Bonuses (Yes We are Spilling the Beans hehe) That 300+ People Have Already Acted On. You Don’t Want Your Competitors Having This Information and You Be Left in the Dark, Do You?

To Immediately Get On the Waiting List and Find Out How to Get These Bonuses for FREE Click Here Now.

To Check Out the MyVideoTalk Products in More Detail and Learn More Simple Read This MyVideoTalk Review!

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  • Aarif Deenar

    Great info guys, you are a RockStar 🙂

  • Joey

    Toby or Layla,

    I have been looking for an email address for you guys. I just sent you an email to – Not sure you access this email account. If not, please let me know. I have something you might be interested in and I want to give to you. Sorry to place this in your comments but I wanted to make sure you get it.



  • Mike Harris

    Great Info guys! I have really been keeping an eye on this opportunity for a little while now. It seems like a great company…Do you have a recorded webinar of an overview of this company? Thanks in advance!


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