Network Marketing Biggest Obstacle Overcoming Objections! Master This and You Are Golden!

Network Marketing Closing Skills
What is up Rockers…

How many times have you heard ” I don’t have the money?”  Imagine every time you heard that, instead of turning into a turtle you could be so ninja like you used jedi mind tricks and got the sale nearly every time… Layla and I have only been in this game for 9 months or so, BUT we have the pleasure and honor of studying and working along side the BEST closer in the game “Cedrick Harris”.

Since working with Cedrick, Layla and I close at about a 58% ratio… Think about that my friend… If you speak to 100 serious people about your business 58 say yes.

Well watch this video and keep coming back for the rest of the video training series that we are giving away for FREE…

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  • Eric Burnett

    WOW, Toby this video was really powerful, I definately had to retweet and share this one, this is a gold nugget that I’m going to implement asap. Thanks again rockstars


  • Toby & Layla

    If you hang around Toby for long enough you just might have an accent! Love ya Ray!

  • Ray Higdon

    What about those of us who do not have a cool accent? Love you bro, you guys are awesome and this is great content


  • Bridgette Chase

    This is one of the main objections you hear from people. Great approach! I believe ALL Network Marketers really need to master this one in order to be successful.


  • Mark Gubuan

    The mindset of “How can I afford this?” vs “I can’t afford it”. Great tips, this is super awesome!! We never did reconnect. I’d love to mastermind with you both.


  • Reggy

    I don’t have the money…how does that make you feel? wow toby, never thought of that. Very smart, I’ll use that bro!

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