Network Marketing…. Creating Your Dream Life (Minus the Hype)

Good Morning! Layla coming to you guys from Canada today.

I put out a message yesterday that really ruffled some feathers. But people often don’t like when 2 Youngsters speak out on the TRUTH. The truth of it all is, that the Internet is giving Network Marketing a bad name. Websites claiming you can make $10K a week if you just spend $69/month on their system… Guru’s that treat people like Numbers and Conversions…. Leaders that jump from Business to Business to earn that Big Check and everyone else is still just as confused as when they started….

We could probably go on and on and on and on…..

Over the last couple of months we sat back and observed the Online Network Marketing Buzz, and that’s when we fully realized how much it needs to CHANGE.

That’s why the Rockstars are Speaking Out against the Hype!

No… it has not been easy for Toby and I to get the results Online and in our Network Marketing Team. No… we didn’t just push a button and leads started to flow. No… we didn’t watch TV. No… It’s not going to happen for everyone.

And why do we say that? That Success will not happen for everyone….. BECAUSE IT’S THE TRUTH.

Many people out there do not have the determination to put in 13 hours in a day online and still not make a decent living for months down the road. Most people aren’t willing to deal with NO after NO after NO. And most people don’t have enough Belief in themselves (because of the circumstances that have happened in their lives) to Truly Succeed in this Industry.

But we know that you are not Most People, that’s why you’re reading this.

Even if, right now, you are struggling with any of the above that I just mentioned… the fact that you’re here proves you’re ready to take Action.

The Problem: People Don’t know the Correct Action to Take and End up Floating Around the Internet getting lost and frustrated.

By the time you see this the seat will probably be gone but Right Now (as I write this) we have ONE Seat left at our Inner Circle.... Click Here Now to Read the Facebook Note with all the Details of our Mastermind.

Yesterday after putting in a Solid 4 Hours of High Productivity Work Time I was able to take the Afternoon off to take my Niece to the Park and have lots of fun together.

The Life of a Work from Home Aunt!

We want to teach you how to work smart, rather than HARD…  and be able to only work 4 hours a day and still have a 6 figure Income coming in.

A lot of our Friends and Family are putting in 40-60 hours a week at a Job that they Hate, many of you probably relate with that. They miss out on the Special Moments in life because they are Clocked in on the Job. They ask us how we can have such an incredible life and never have to go a job….

That’s what we want to teach YOU.

Of course we can’t teach everyone…. and our Inner Circle has to be kept small so we can work one on one with our Leaders… but with one seat left, What have you got to lose. Take Action and align yourself with a Couple who is Dedicated to helping YOU create this kind of Freedom in your life.

Click Here

to Watch the Awesome Video That Me and Ryleigh Made for You During Our Afternoon Together… See if You Can Fully Grasp the Secret We’re Sharing Here.

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  • Axel Verstraeten

    Hey Toby and Layla,

    I am fully ready to accept the invitation to work with you guys. I have learned so much in the last six months I took down my primary website to build it from scratch again! I’m not kidding when I say that you two are awesome and as a Canadian rocker myself I say cheers. Hope to hear from you soon and thanks for your honest consideration.

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