Network Marketing Doesn’t Work on the Internet!

Have you heard “Network Marketing Doesn’t Work on the Internet!” before?

If your upline has said those words to you before you DESERVE to watch this video!

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See YOU at the Top!

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  • Gabriel

    I hear ya Layla. I don’t see anything wrong with marketing on the internet. I have built relationships with total strangers on blog sites so why not introduce those people to the business you’re in? Maybe some of those people in the upline are afraid that it won’t work and that person (downline) will get discouraged and quit. My only advice is to never stop learning about your business and the business of network marketing. Some of us will advance quickly, others slowly and many in between, but never quit. That’s the only way to fail … No retreat. No surrender. (o:

  • Brian Abel

    Wow! What an amzingly powerful video! Thank you, Layla, for passing on my experience to the masses that Toby and you connect with every day. You guys are amazing leaders and I am honored and humbled if I our conversation the other evening gave you the desire to make this video. I’m very humbled. Words cannot express….



  • Adam Haider

    Great video Layla!

    I think one of the main reasons uplines in traditional MLM companies are put-off by internet marketing is that they probably tried it several months or even years ago and failed miserably or just didn’t understand how to really benifit from it and so are giving their opinions based on their bad experiences.

    It’s not hard to see how rapidly the Internet has grown in the last decade and will continue to expand with more opportunities so it is only logical to take advantage of this.

    Adam Haider

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