Network Marketing Doesn’t Work Without This…


A lot of Network Marketers approach us to Coach, Mentor and Train themselves and their Teams.

How do we decide who to work with?

How do we determine who gets our valuable Coaching, and who doesn’t?

The Video below will seriously open your eyes. In the beginning of our Career in Network Marketing we would listen to this inspirational speech DAILY. This video will make YOU dig deep inside of you and ask yourself “Do I REALLY want to be successful in Network Marketing?” and the honest answer may give you some motivation to make a Change.

Maybe you’ve had excuses in the past….

Maybe you’ve fallen flat on your face before…

Maybe everyone you knew laughed….

But the question is…. ARE YOU READY TO GET BACK UP?

Press Play on the Video Below and do not leave this page until you’ve watched the entire clip.

The Video Below Has the Power to Change Your Life… if you Let It!

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  • Philip

    Great Video! I think i watched it 20 times today. The message speaks to me a lot.

  • Jay Blake

    Wow this video is so inspirational and so true!! If you can endure and never quit, then you cannot lose!!!

  • Tonia Hardeman

    Toby & Layla…
    This video, combined with your narration, is not only powerful but also thought provoking. Very, very strong on the emotions. This speaks volumes… wanting to succeed more than anything else in life. Never giving up & keeping your WHY ahead of all other issues in life… that is what is most important.
    Thank you for posting…

  • hussain

    very powerfull.

  • James Ratcliffe

    What I really love is the crazy training routines ‘we’ come up with to get an edge. If it’s the coach’s idea or the individual’s. Things I invented in my garage or basement. Some times equip. fabricated or just the simplest manuver with added wt. The secret sessions with sensei in park or woods as small advanced grp. (all I can reveal here). A piece of rope or a rock. Tie a log to your waste and drag it a mile. Oh I’m getting ideas for a video series. I’ll write them down and wrap’em up in aluminum foil. LOL have fun! Thanks!

  • Judy

    Powerful video! However, more than the video is what you said about how 300 people attended your boot camp and only 13 did homework. That spoke volumes to me. . . . more so than the video.

  • Pedro

    Great Video. This is powerful.

  • Angela Carter

    Powerful video! It really shows that you have to have heart and desire to achieve success. You have to want it bad enough.

  • Adam

    Great story this is one of my favourites. Totally dig the voice over.

  • Kimberly Flores

    Having to actually put in some work scares off most, so like your video say Layla, have to want it more than SLEEP!

  • Jay VanNostrand

    lol…just posted this video last week…without Layla’s lovely voice over….love it…thanks for reinforcing my internal dialogue!

  • Chris B.

    Outstanding video combo, outstanding message…

  • Hezi

    Great Video ! Love the way you mix it with ET !

  • John Robberson

    Awesome, Awe inspiring video. It’s an excellent example of doing whatever it takes to succeed.

    Like I always say, “The Difference Between Your Dreams and Achieving Your Dreams Is…. ACTION!”

    Thanks for the great video and early morning motivation.

  • Anita

    This was so powerful. I can go without sleep and I can go without food, but without someone to mentor and teach me how be successful I will never reach my goals and dreams. Very Powerful Toby & Layla thanks for sharing.

  • Lara Burnside

    Hey Toby and Layla…great video on the importance of staying motivated, focused, and constantly taking action instead of making excuses…Looking back, I can see that the day I first came in contact with you two was THE DAY that was the turning point to my finally beginning to figure out how to get something going online business-wise!

    Thanks for your help, AWESOME MENTORS!!

  • Aisha Black

    Oh yes! I posted this on my FanPage. I actually was so jealous of his endurance. But it spoke volumes to me because you have to be willing to do what others will not do! It won’t be easy, but once you work hard at it, the pay-off is GREAT!

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