Network Marketing – WE QUIT (It doesn’t work….)

Is Network Marketing a Scam?

No of course not. Network Marketing and Direct Sales are business models that are supported and promoted by the TOP Business minds in the world, like Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki.

Okay, so now you know that Network Marketing is a Viable Business Model… let’s talk about if it actually works.

You see I was stuck at a crossroads.

And it almost caused us to walk away from this industry altogether.

Have you ever felt like you were tricking people out of their money? Would you feel confident signing up your mother…. would she be successful?

Personally….. I got SICK and TIRED of signing people up… and never seeing them make money.

PRESS PLAY to Hear My Story …. Hear How I Almost QUIT the Industry only 5 Months ago…. This Video will be an EYE OPENER for a lot of You.

See what makes our Team SO DIFFERENT, and learn how we’ve created one of the FASTEST Duplicating Team in the whole Company. FILL OUT APPLICATION HERE.

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We are fun loving, traveling parents who's mission in life is to assist others to live FREE! That's it. End of story. We have created a life rich in freedom and options thanks to social media marketing & owning our own online businesses. To Get FREE ACCESS to our "3 Step - 2K A Day System Simply Click on the Link :

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  • Michelle jackson

    I too am not with Visalus but really like your story and how you are teaching others and I really enjoy both you and Toby being so real and relatable!!great stuff and I appreciate all your tips and congrats to you both for your success it’s really awesome and also for your accomplishments in the challenge you look GREAT!!!

  • Erin Smith

    Great stuff Layla! Even though I’m not in Visalus or anything, I still learned how to create duplication. It’s important to be enthusiastic and support your team and of course just to have a good product. Thanks for you vid!

  • Kylie Devi

    Awesome vid Layla! Great to see your honesty and vulnerability. You deserve your massive success!

  • Lawrence Bergfeld

    I disagree that it is a scam. Because if you know exactly what to say and what to do then you can be massively successful.

    Lawrence Bergfeld

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