New Years Resolutions: The “I’ll Start in January” Syndrome

Another year is quickly approaching and we all have our New Years Resolutions. What do you want to be different in your life in 2010?

The top 3 New Year Resolutions are:

-Better Health (Lose Weight)

-Better Finances

-Quit Smoking

Do you want to be able to spend more time with your family and less time with your boss? Do you want to fit into those size 6 jeans again? What does 2010 look like in the ideal world?

Okay…. so this is the tricky part. Making your New Years Resolution a reality.

“Your Future is Created by What you Do Today…Not Tomorrow.”

The majority of Network Marketers are waiting until July 1st to get serious about their MLM businesses. I know this because I hear it on a regular basis.

“I will focus on building my home based business January 1st.”

Well guess what guys.. the majority of Network Marketers are not successful and never will be.

While 95% of MLM marketers are procrastinating about getting to work on their business, the serious marketers are diving head first in and making sure that come January 1st… they are running full steam.

If you are ready to break away from the pack and start standing out from the crowd today, and explode your MLM business online… Toby and I are here to help.

This time of year really shows us who’s serious, and who’s not. We can only invest our time in helping people that are serious.

So to start working towards a successful business for 2010 TODAY (not January 1st) click here:

Happy Holidays Folks…. don’t procrastinate!

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  • Toby & Layla

    Hey Jason… Glad to see you blogging. It’s a huge part of our strategy!

    Took a peak at your blog. Looks good, just keep working on personalizing it with photos of you and Videos of you. Videos are huge.

    Keep packing it with valuable content… and get some backlinking to boost your rankings.

    Email us directly anytime

    Happy New Year!

    Don’t put off tomorrow what could be done today.

  • Jason Perez O'Connor

    So true, and it all ties in with the “getting ready, to get ready” mindset that Jeffrey Combs talks about.

    People see the ending days of December as an excuse to put it off longer and come July 1st, they simply say:

    I’ll just do this first…
    I have to do this…
    or I’ll do it tomorrow for sure…
    Sure as hell they wont but that’ll be their problem when they see no cash coming in.

    Achieving the Correct Mindset – Just a whole explanation of correcting your mindset for business and I suggest anyone with the January 1st ‘bug’ reads it and changes something immediately.

    Also just been spending last few days learning and using photoshop see if I can give my blog a personal look to my taste, could anyone leave me comments or e-mail me rating it or giving me constructive criticism on how it could be improved.

    If possible could you ‘toby and layla’ also have a look and give me some feedback, I don’t want it to be “too much” and just wanting personal opinions from some of the leaders.

    Thanks, Jason.

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