No Excuses Summit Speaker Jairek Robbins Shares the Secret to Getting PAST the Fear or Rejection.

Jairek Robbins was definitely one of the Highlights for many marketers at the “No Excuses Summit”

He had the crowd of hundreds on their feet, shouting and cheering, and jumping around! Everyone walked out of that auditorium with a bounce in their step and a smile on their face.

So when I saw him… I knew I had to grab him for a quick interview to share his incredible value. If his face looks familiar it’s because he has a VERY WELL KNOWN Father (who shall remain nameless in this post but I am sure many of you could figure it out) in the Motivational Speaker Industry.  Toby and I have done several trainings from him father and now… the opportunity to bring you his son!

What is the single most prominent reason that Network Marketers are afraid to pick up the phone?


Why are people so scared of the word No? How can people who experience that upset tummy each time they look at the phone…. get PAST THAT?

“You have the potential to DO…BE… and HAVE anything you are 100% committed to, but sometimes its a challenge to tap into the inner strength it takes to turn your Dreams into RESULTS!” Jairek Robbins

I know that most of you are READY to turn your Dreams into Results and to let go of the Fears that are holding you back. So check out this video with Jairek Robbins and pay attention because it’s short, BUT POWERFUL

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  • Alex Faleye

    Wow! Like father like son eh!

  • Sharon

    Hi Layla,
    Thanks for taking the time to make this short but impactful video. How simple was that!

  • Steven Schmeltzle

    Awesome interview Layla! Wish I would have been there! Keep rocking on! See you at the next event.

  • Eric Williams

    Awesome!!! That is definitely something I’ll be sharing with my team immediately!

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