An Exclusive Interview With Norbert Orlewicz, the Cofounder of the #1 Attraction Marketing System on the Planet

calltweetLayla and I are bringing to you today a LEGEND in the Internet Marketing Scene, Norbert Orlewicz. This Guru has mentored, coached, and trained thousands of Marketers in all corners of the world on the fundamental formula for being successful online.

Norbert stopped by our blog with some phenomenal advice and tips for all of you. Hopefully you’re taking notes!

Norbert’s story is like many leaders in the MLM Industry, he struggled for 6 years with Traditional marketing methods; the 3ft Rule, Live Conference Calls, Chasing down friends & family, 1 on 1 presentations and you know the list goes on.

It wasn’t until he found his niche on the Internet and he began studying Attraction Marketing that his success started to happen.

The first time we met Norbert Orlewicz was at a live event in Orlando and he said something that really made sense to Layla and I.

We told him of our struggles, we were working many hours; cold calling from craigslist, setting up 1 on 1’s, inviting people to Hotel Meetings.

He shared with us his story, when he began in Network Marketing he was doing the exact some thing, driving hours to a 1 on 1 and listening to motivational tapes on the way. Getting there just to hear another “NO”. Norbert explained to us how the Internet could leverage our time and allow us to sort through the tire-kickers on Auto-Pilot.

From the moment we met Norbert Orlewicz, our Network Marketing careers completely changed. So make sure to listen to this Exclusive Interview because it just might be the change you’re looking for in your business… that great “Ahha moment” that we had, might happen for you!


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    Well done. Terrific interview with awesome value. Highly recommended viewing. keep it coming. Thanks

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    Amazing….. It feels good to find someone who has concern for things that are usually overlooked.“No matter how pleasant something would appear, there will always be a room for improvement” and you have clearly brought it out in this post Norbert Orlewicz Interview – Do Not Miss This Value! | MLM Online Success with Toby & Layla

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