Numis Network Owner Chris Kent Explains “Why Numis, Why Now?”

Before we get into “Why Numis, Why Now?” we want you to hear it directly from one of the fantastic owners of Numis Network.

Okay, let’s look at some other Pioneers in the Network Marketing Industry.

Weightloss: When people started to walk around with T-shirts reading “I Lost 35lbs Ask Me How…” people thought they were crazy. Look at Herbalife now! Sure there are LOTS of other weightloss companies but Herbalife was the first and therefore has most of the market share.

Telecommunications: Excel Communications was at one point the only company selling Telephone services. Their distributors made a massive fortune because they saw the trend and got in at the right time.

Cosmetics: Mary Kay pioneered this category and to this day is the leader in cosmetic products through a home based business.

So let’s look at Numis Network….

  • The only Network Marketing company to be marketing Gold and Silver Collectable Numismatic Coins
  • Have 2 of the LEGENDS in the Numismatic industry on board; Mike Mezak and Keith Love. No one that attempts to duplicate what Numis Network is doing will have these two experts
  • The timing of Numis Network couldn’t be better. People are looking at currencies right now, and Gold and Silver are hot topics.

If you want to work with the fastest growing Numis Network Team online that has created a Plug and Play system to grow your business on the Internet…


See You at the Top!

Toby & Layla

Social Media Experts

Phone – 813 373 8114

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