Numis Network: Yes! Please Double My Order Of Juice This Month!

Doesn’t that sound silly?

I mean who really doubles their order in Network Marketing?

Aahahahhahaha…. We Do… That’s right. Layla and I have been in the Numis Network for about 7 weeks and already have 9 months worth of Auto-Ship…. LOL….

Imagine that mate. Having your team doubling, tripling and even quadrupling their auto-ship each month…

What Would Your Check Look Like?

Layla and I wanted to put this little post/video together because it’s too cool, not 2.

What other Network Marketing Company do YOU know of that sends YOU money in the starter kit? What other Network Marketing company do you know of that sends you Real Money each month?

None…. Until you found the Numis Network!


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