Numis Network Review: Is Numis Network a Scam or is Coin Collection a Legitimate Home Business?

Numis Network Review:

All this Buzz online about

Numis Network! So what exactly

is Numis Network and is the

online hype about this new MLM company


Toby and I have  been approached by MANY other MLM companies and have seen every kind of potion and payplan out there. Numis is the first of it’s kind to actually sell an ASSET as a product.

Broke people buy stuff….

Rich people buy assets….

Numis is creating a new category within the home based business arena.

There are 2 real trends that Numis is jumping on.

Gold and Silver:

Is it not every day that we hear “We Buy Gold” commercials on TV or the radio? As the value of the dollar drops drastically, Gold and Silver soars.

Numismatic coins are not just your typical bullion coin (meaning worth the cost of the metal).

Numis gold and silver coin

Coin collecting is a $100 Billion dollar industry worldwide. The American Silver Eagle is one of the world’s most collected coins, and it just so happens to be the flagship product of Numis.

All of the Numismatic coins offered from Numis are graded 70 on the Sheldon scale which means they are the highest grade possible.

Then there’s the second trend….

Home Business:

2000 people an HOUR search on Google for a way to make money from home. And EACH WEEK 200,000 new distributors sign up with an MLM company.

Numis has seen that the economy is changing and people cannot justify spending $40.00 on a miracle juice that will pile in their shed month after month, but they are looking for ways to make money online.

You CAN however justify spending money every month on a product that has never been worth nothing. .

Imagine a garage full of Silver and Gold?

No one will be cancelling this autoshipment.

Numis is the only home based business Toby and I have seen (and we’ve been wined and dinned) that has a product that every wants, and needs!

Start taking control of your finances…

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