Numis Network Top Income Earners Layla Staats and Chris Paraldi Talk On The Secrets Of Sponsoring!

Good Morning Rock Stars,

This is an awesome from the Numis Network Cruise. Layla and Chris speak on his favorite part of the cruise and how sponsoring one person (Ray Higdon) his best friend, has changed his life…

Now I know we say not one person can ever change your life, only YOU can… But if you sponsor a Ray Higdon or a Layla Staats, that will SURE help you out…lol… And that is the beauty of it folks… Anyone from anywhere in anytime can sponsor a super star who changes there life for the better financially… When I was putting this video on youtube today Layla and I were listening to some inspirational speeches, and it made me get all weak at the knees…lol… So I wrote this little poem/speech for the description so I thought I would throw it in the blog post… Enjoy….

Life is a great journey we tread on a path.

Sometimes the road is rocky, and sometimes it’s smooth…

But at the end of the day, there is always another bend
to take and corner to turn…

You never KNOW who you will speak to or
come across next…

And that is the beauty of our industry….

Make this day better than yesterday… And make tomorrow better than today…

If You Are Ready to Take Some Real Action and Find Your Ray Higdon… SuperStar… Click the link Below and Let’s Rock and Roll!

Keep Rocking n Rolling,

Toby & Layla

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