Numis Network Training Tip Of The Day #18 “How To Turn Every No into 2 Yes’s!

Hello rock stars… How are we today? It’s day 9 on P90X and we are loving it more and more each day…

Imagine being able to turn every NO you hear into 2 YES’S…. Well here you go my friends…
Click here for the Scripts used in the Video

Do Not Be The 95% That Are Scared To Call and Invite!

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Keep Rocking n Rolling,

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  • Joseph W. Mina

    Hey Toby.. I agree with Ray.. If I knew you were going to do this I would not have taken notes myself lat last night. Nice to meet you and Layla. Keep up the great work..


  • Ray Higdon

    As always, very good stuff


  • Ryan

    Hi Toby,

    I like the steps, especially the sense of urgency piece of advice..

    Powerful people are busy people. They have time for you, but they have to fit you in.

    It can be a challenge to adopt this mindset when the crickets are chirping but keep yourself busy with content creation.

    Great stuff!


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