Numis Network Training Tip of the Day #3 – Your Team Will Do What You Do!

Numis Network is absolutely flyin’ off the radar! First of all we want to Welcome our 3 new Rockstars Shavon, Dorothy, and George!!!

These Numis Network Training Tips of the Day of course are targeted to our ever growing Numis Network Team however if you are in another company… These Tips will work for you TOO!

What kind of example are you leading for your team?

What DAILY Activity are you putting into your business?

  • Are you recruiting?
  • Are you going to local events (with guests!)?
  • Are you hosting PBR’s at your home?
  • Are you getting on 3 way calls with your Upline?


Watch this video and learn how to have team doing ALL OF THE ABOVE!

If You’re a Rockstar in the Making and You Just Need to Partner with the Right Leaders to Help You Shine Shine Shine…. Click the Rockstar Picture Below and Get your Number in there so we can call you personally!

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  • Met Rivers

    Hi Toby and Layla, I am writing to you to thank you for all the valuable content you share with everyone. I am in Numis also. I have not sponsored anyone yet into the business, mainly b/c I have not been focused on it. There are sooo many tools we have at our disposal, it’s hard not to bounce around to the next best tool.
    I basically recruited myself into business with no real intention or idea of what I was gonna do.
    I’m leaving my number here just so I can thank you personally and maybe by chance receive some direction or words of wisdom from you that may spark something in me to get moving.
    My main challenge I believe is putting a schedule together that balances my full time job, young children & family life. It’s so easy to get distracted.
    Anyway, you’ve heard all this before. Take Care, Toby & Layla
    your friend Met 904.993.1010

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