Numis Network Training Tip of the Day #4 – Connect Locally Online?

Hello Rockstars!

We’ve had some fantastic feedback from distributors within Numis Network and actually from some followers in other companies too!

Just because we love Numis Network and think it’s the greatest Network Marketing company ever (and we love getting Gold and Silver shipped to us for free)…. doesn’t mean YOUR company isn’t great too.

These tips can be implemented in any company… but they must be implemented to work! lol

Watch this video where Toby shares with you the Ninja Technique for recruiting Locally… Online.

To Tap Directly Into Toby & Layla’s Personal Team… Click on the Rockstars Below and Enter Your Name and Number so They Can Call you Personally!

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  • Jennifer

    Great video. I have recently been using some similar techniques to invite people to nationwide events. Thanks for the tips to refine my current techinques and for teaching how to add FaceBook and Craig’s List.

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