Numis Network Training Tip of the Day #5 – More Inspiration Than Excuses!

These Rockstar Tips are getting pretty popular!!

Although Toby and I are 100% in Love with our Business in Numis Network, it’s always fantastic to see people taking value from our videos in OTHER companies as well.

Today’s tip is pretty special. I want to share with you a very touching and moving story about George, a brand new team member in the Team Takeover Family! Once you hear his story, you will realize why you should have no excuses…

If You Are FINALLY Ready to LET GO of all of your Excuses and You Are Serious About Succeeding Financially & Emotionally… Click the Rockstar Picture Below and Enter Your Name and Number.

Let’s DO THIS!

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  • Eric Burnett

    WOW Layla, this tip really gave me some inspiration and I’m glad that you put this one together. I had to retweet this so others can get some inspiration and understand that life throws us curveballs but you just have to not use that as a crutch or a setback but use that as fuel to your fire.

  • JP Letnick

    Love the tips! Keep them up!

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