Numis Network: Two Virgins DO IT in Toronto!

You Read That Right Rockstars!

The past week in Toronto Canada, the Numis Network Stripped 2 Hipster Musicians of their PBR Virginity AND HEAR HOW THEY FELT ABOUT IT!

We want to share with you some Numbers today, because everyone knows that documentation beats conversation anyday.

Right NOW, there are Less than 300 Numis Network Executives in Canada. (some of you just fell off your chair, WE KNOW RIGHT?)

The leaders we are seeing pop up in Toronto Canada and also out on the West Coast in Vancouver BC are SMART. They are capitalizing on several Market trends at once…. BEFORE an entire country. POWERFUL.

Why is Numis Network the most Lucrative opportunity in 2010?

  • Gold and Silver has never been more talked about. We cannot turn a TV on, drive down a main road, or flick on YouTube without seeing some kind of video about Gold and Silver.
  • With an Unemployment Rate soaring over 10% PEOPLE ARE LOOKING for legitimate home business opportunities. People that would never have got involved with a potion, pill, or juice, are open to Numis Network because it is a Gold and Silver ASSET!
  • With a Management team with decades upon decades of experience, this 1 Year old Company is shattering records and turning heads…. BUT there are less than 9,000 reps in the USA and Canada (Do you see some opportunity in the timing of you reading this post?)

Two Virgins Do It In Toronto

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Keep Rocking n Rolling,

Toby & Layla
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  • Toby & Layla

    We are going to OWN an organization with entire countries in it… how cool is that?! YOU ROCK TOO RAY!

  • Ray Higdon

    Less than 300 in Canada? That’s crazy! You guys rock


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