Numis Network: Women Helping Women GET RESULTS Webinar!

What do you think is holding you back from achieving success in your Business?

What do you need to CHANGE in order to start thinking like the Billion Dollar Wonder Woman herself Oprah Winfrey? We want to help you figure that out this Thursday! We have formed a group of the Top Internet Marketing Ladies and the Top Offline Ladies.

Women that are Empowering.

Women that are Motivating.

Women that are getting MASSIVE Results.

Women that care.


We all want to help you do the same!

Come join this Female Mastermind as we uncover the real roadblocks you are facing in your business and help you BREAK THROUGH them! It’s time to unite together as a serious force, and bring as many Female Entrepreneurs with us as possible!

Check out this VERY SPECIAL Video Now!

Join The Top Female Leaders of the Industry Thursday Night for a Powerful Training Webinar to Take Your Business to the NEXT LEVEL!

Keep Rocking n Rolling,

Toby & Layla
Social Media Experts
Phone – 813 373 8114

Skype: layla.staats
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We are fun loving, traveling parents who's mission in life is to assist others to live FREE! That's it. End of story. We have created a life rich in freedom and options thanks to social media marketing & owning our own online businesses. To Get FREE ACCESS to our "3 Step - 2K A Day System Simply Click on the Link :

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  • Toby & Layla

    @staci – I’m super excited to be partnered with you as well 🙂 Looking forward to this Thursday. BTW if there are ladies that aren’t registered yet… go to

  • Staci Gauny

    You Rock, Layla! And so does that webinar. The value you alone bring is incredible! You sound awesome!!!! Love it!!!!! It’s incredible to be aligned with you! 🙂

  • Toby & Layla

    That is awesome…. That’s what I like to hear. Immediately implementing what you learn.

    Right on Girlfriend

  • Edwich

    Hi Layla, Wanted to share with you that I used 1 of you affirmations as my status here on FB and I am getting a lot of Likes. I wonder what will happen if I implement all the other things I learned? You ladies rocked it last night and brought me to tears. At times I feel like I am alone. I mean I am with MLSP but I don’t know where to start. I know I will make a difference in someone life but I know I have to make a difference in mine 1st. I am sorry I am ranting. But THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE MASTERMIND YOU AND THE LADIES HAVE CREATED. I REALLY NEED YOU GUYS.

  • Toby & Layla

    Awwww thanks guys…. It’s my Lilith Fair attempt haha. (which is an awesome festival of poweful female artists) It’s going to be a great time. See you there!

  • Kimberly Flores

    Layla, You are my favorite Rock Star girl!
    Such an inspiration. Toby is a blessed man, and so are we for the leadership you exhibit.
    Everyone should take note of the road you both have taken and see where it has brought you.
    Girl Power!

  • Edwich

    Hey it wasn’t bad. Great info see ya on the webinar!

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