Of All the Mentors Out There…. WHY Would I Choose Toby & Layla

We saw this question pop up a couple times on our training webinars.

“There are so many Mentors out there… How do I know who to choose?”

There is a checklist of things you want to look at very carefully.

  1. Do you resonate with that person? Do you LIKE THEM? If you are working closely with a Mentor you want to enjoy spending time and working hard side by side.
  2. Are they Getting RESULTS NOW? There are so many Mentors that are out there trying to teach people how to market online and they generate 4 leads a day. Or they are trying to Coach people and they haven’t  built a Network Marketing business for the last 15 years.
  3. Are they REAL? Can you pick up a phone a call them? Are they down to earth and accessible… or are they some stuffy dude in a suit that you have to go through 13 voicemails to actually SPEAK to him?
  4. Are They Dedicated to Helping Others Achieve Success? Do they provide regular trainings for their team? Do you see them recognizing their fellow team mates?
  5. Do they attend Live Events? Real leaders know that you have to get to every Live Event possible and they are they are constantly expanding their mind and getting their team to do the same.
  6. Who Are Their Top 5 Speed Dial Mentors? You become the average of the Top 5 people you spend the most time with. Who were their coaches, who is in their Circle of Influence?

These are some MAJOR QUESTIONS you need to ask yourself before you choose your Mentor.

So Why Would You Choose Toby & Layla?

  • Personally Mentored by and Dear Friends with the Most Elite Marketers on the PLANET. Such as Cedrick Harris, David Wood, Ray Higdon, and Brian Fanale.
  • Achieved Massive Success online QUICKLY and have a step by step Blueprint on how to DUPLICATE that success.
  • Built an authority blog that’s ranked in the top 13,000 Websites in the USA and gets more than 20,000 visitors each month!!
  • Generate 40-80 Leads EVERY DAY
  • Personally Sponsored over 70 new Reps in a matter of months.

Okay…. So a Year ago we lived in the Basement of a Bar… Played in a Band and Knew NOTHING about the Internet. But with Hard Word, Dedication and Commitment, and the RIGHT MENTORS we are now known as the Internet Rockstars!

Pay attention to what these incredible leaders had to say about us:

David Wood

Ray Higdon

Cedrick Harris

Sabrina Walker

Jake Kevorkian – Owner of Numis Network

Okay so by now you get the point. If you’re SERIOUS (and we ONLY work with Serious people) about Getting Results, and Getting Them Fast… and You Want to Work With a Team that is Shaping the Leaders of this Century… DO NOT WASTE TIME.

Click the Link Below and Let’s ROCK AND ROLL!


Keep Rocking n Rolling,

Toby & Layla
Social Media Experts
Phone – 813 373 8114

Skype: layla.staats
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We are fun loving, traveling parents who's mission in life is to assist others to live FREE! That's it. End of story. We have created a life rich in freedom and options thanks to social media marketing & owning our own online businesses. To Get FREE ACCESS to our "3 Step - 2K A Day System Simply Click on the Link : www.2KADayFormula.com

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  • Greg Hood

    The word is out that you’re one of the best copyrighters out there and this is great example, clear and to the point. Look forward to more of the same.

  • Damaysi Vazquez

    Great blog and very true. Point #5 really made me think!
    Thank you guys for what you do!

  • Toby & Layla

    Thanks Ted! Truly appreciate that!

  • Ted Hunsaker

    Great Post Toby and Layla. These are two Great Leaders to Join.

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