How To Generate 30-50 Leads a Day in the Time That It Takes To Watch an Episode of CSI!

Retweet this Article Review Toby and LaylaDid you know the average American spends 5 hours a day watching television? One hundred and fifty one hours a month. This finding was way higher than the figure of 3.8 hours per day or a measly 120 hours per month TV watching by Americans that reported by another research firm last year.

HandPrintCrimeSceneToby and I are CSI fanatics. It’s our only television weakness and to be honest we watch it on our computer screen between the Webinars and the Training Calls. However, with so many people in today’s society parking themselves on the Lazyboy, it’s no wonder the economy has taken a dive.

Instead of worrying about if the Bachelor will pick Lucy or Sarah (I love how they call it reality TV even though in reality… who could fall in love with a camera 3 feet away from your every move?) that time SHOULD be spent on working towards a future for you and your family.

Who has heard the objection – I simply don’t have the time?

We all have 24 hours in a day. 8 hours for sleep, 8 hours for your average work day, so let’s just focus on the 8 hours that are left. Assuming we are healthy human beings and eat at least 3 meals a day, we will slot 2 hours for eating and preparation and 1 hour for physical activity (this is under the presumption that we are in fact healthy human beings). Okay, 5 hours left. According to the statistics, the average American spends the rest of their time in front of the TV. Unless they are watching the Discovery or History Channel, they are learning nothing. Is this type of activity doing anything for the Asset column or your bank account?

Rather than watching that hour long episode (which without commercials is really only about 35 minutes), why not get online and plug into an Online System that’s going to give you a step by step blueprint and all the training you need to ensure that your Computer is sending you paychecks. Why not work towards financial freedom rather than avoiding your financial stresses and trying to forget about them with a quick laugh at the Jerry Springer Show? You are saying to yourself, “At least my life is not that bad.”

DID YOU KNOW: Jerry Springer’s Official Website is ranked #54 on Alexa! All that traffic headed to

The training is available, the leadership is available, and the tools and systems are there and generating amazing results for others… the variable in this equation is YOU.

Step away from that mind numbing TV program and INVEST your time instead of just SPENDING it.

PILLSSo Toby and I present you will a Red Pill and a Blue Pill. You can take the Red Pill and see the MLM reality we are presenting to you. Now that you know the Blueprint for Online success you can TAKE ACTION and plug into the Online Marketing Strategies that will change your business.

Or you can take the Blue Pill and keep on trucking in MLM Denial. Keep doing the same things you’ve been doing and getting the same depressing results.

We leave the decision up to you.

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  • Toby & Layla

    What kind of info are you looking for confirmation on?

  • Personal Branding

    GR8 Info, what are other good sites to confirm this info?

  • Toby & Layla

    Thanks for commenting Samantha!

  • Samantha Cook

    Well written article – so much truth…


  • Toby & Layla

    This article had been written before Toby and I discovered Criminal Minds. We are definite finatics.

    We are in the Behaviour Ananlysis business right?

    Thanks for stopping by the Blog Larry and leaving your comments!

  • Larry Bilich

    Hello Toby and Layla,

    Love your site here. Lots of very good info that will help many online marketers…

    Hey…CSI is one of my favorites also. I love Criminal Minds also.

    Anyway…Keep up the great energy and work and I am sure you guys will be reaching all your goals and then some.

    Wishing you all my best,

    Larry B.

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