Online Strategies To Get Your MLM Business out of “Lead Poverty” in an Economy Like This

Why are 97% of MLM Marketers not in the wonderful land of Profits? They are searching for the Online Strategies thinking it’s a mystery or some big MLM secret, when really it’s just about knowledge. The statistics are shocking, most Network Marketers are making less than $10.00 a week, that’s $40.00 a month! In your average MLM company that doesn’t even cover the product or service. And you know you must be using that product or service, right?

Imagine going into a restaurant and when ordering you ask your server, “What’s good here?” and they replied, “I don’t know, I don’t eat the food.” Makes no sense right? So why do some H.B.O. (Home business owners) think they can serve the public and not be using the product or service they are selling?

In the beginning of our MLM career we did what we were told and had some success, but not the 6 figure residual income we hear about. We were doing prospecting calls, the 3 feet rule, home parties, newspaper ads, you name it… we have done it. We even walked around our local mall asking those very general questions, “Do you keep your career options open?” “Are you interested in making a 6 figure residual income?” Fact is, that those traditional MLM strategies don’t seem to work for the majority. They do work for some, and some get lucky. But for the other 97% we go elsewhere. Some quit, and some come online. That is why you’re here right? To make your MLM Business grow online.

The first piece of advice that completely changed our thinking came from a good friend Norbert Orlewicz. “Why not target other Network Marketers online?” We were spending all our energy going after “Suspects” that had no experience in MLM. The majority of Network Marketers have the drive, and they have experience in the field, they simply lack the right strategies and training.  You avoid all those lovely objections about Pyramids and scams, because they already believe and trust in the industry. This was the first of many online strategies that would explode our MLM business.

There is an average of 1,000,000 new prospects coming online every day looking for or getting info on an Internet Business or a Home based Business. That doesn’t include the other God knows how many people already in MLM or the Direct Selling industry. Rather than hunting friends and family, shift your thinking to recruiting other Network Marketers online.

So you’re thinking, if there are millions of individuals out there… how do I find them?

First tip, you DON’T. They find you!

How, you ask? Why not implement the exact strategies that the top producers online use? Attraction Marketing, or as Layla and I like to call it… our ATM. Like we said, you are now targeting other MLM  Business owners, so you know they have the same problem of not enough traffic and leads.

So you begin by leading with yourself and providing the strategies they need to solve their every growing problem. If you lead with your MLM company, you will fail. That might be harsh, but the truth hurts sometimes. Why would struggling Networkers want another Problem (Your Business) when they can’t fix the one they have? Truth? They don’t, they want a solution and that would be you and your online expert strategies.

All the Top Money earners in MLM have a Self Branded Marketing System. You are marketing a “Problem Solver in a Box.” You need to find yourself a system that works, get the training and strategies you need, and see your profits explode.

To Your Success,

Toby & Layla

Online Marketing Specialists



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