Online Video Mastermind: Secret Weapon for Downloading Videos Off ANY Website

With Over 80% of Websites on the Planet Using Video Now… It’s the New Wave of the Online Business and Marketing World.

How can you download a Video from pretty much ANY site on the Website?

We have found an awesome secret Add-on for Firefox that actually let’s you download the video file to your hard drive!

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In 2 Minutes You’ll Learn How to Download Any Video from Any Site!

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  • Alan Sills


    Great tip! I just installed it…i’m going to see if it is as robust as replay catcher.


  • Tristram Lodge

    Hi Layla,

    What an amazing tip, that will be a game changer for anyone using it correctly!

    Thanks for your help. Tristram Lodge

  • Aesha Christian

    This is an awesome tip! I love it! I am sooo going to incorporate this into MyVideo Talk 🙂 So now when I don’t feel like shooting video, I can still provide value and inspiration!

  • Ryan Yokome

    Hey Layla,

    Super cool, you’ve always got SOLID content. Love coming to your blog!

    Layla that’s SUPER ninja! haha, Sweet, I was looking for a way to do this. For good purposes of course. 🙂

  • Colleen K Rich

    Hello Layla & Toby:) Those little tidbits are always very helpful to any Internet Marketer. There is also a Firefox plugin called ‘download helper’ I believe that helps with downloading video files as well. Not sure which would be better or if both do the same thing. Staci of ‘MeetStaci’ hubby found the plugin.
    Thanks for all the help you give,

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