Our First Offer… on Our First Home – Another moment on this crazy journey of the life of Toby and Layla

So buying our first home has been a VERY interesting experience.

Even as successful entrepreneurs we were straight up IGNORED by some bank managers. Maybe it was the tattoos. Maybe it was the TERRIBLE credit score hahahaha. Who knows. But going from the Basement of a Bar to a 6 figure a month income…. a Canadian with a Scottish husband… I guess we weren’t high on the priority level lol.

But we didn’t give up!

We knew there had to be a bank out there that wanted our 30% downpayment lol!

So yesterday, you know when you just KNOW? Well I’d never experienced that before at any other open houses… but when i walked in the front and saw that house, I LOVED IT.

“Old, Classic, with ZERO repairs.” (Since Toby and I aren’t the handiest of folk)

This historical home was once the residence of Pauline Johnson, if you don’t know her you can google her later.

So stay posted on our Facebook Group http://facebook.com/groups/tobyandlayla for updates about the house!

PRESS PLAY to see the virtual tour!


Click here now to go see the Virtual Tour


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  • Michele

    Congrats to you guys well deserved. Hard work does pay off. It’s an awesome feeling having your own home.

  • Jim Ratcliffe

    Happy for you guys. From the curb appeal to the wood trim. Lots of character.

  • Danielle Kelly

    Hello Toby and Layla! I came across one of your webinars on MLSP a couple of weeks ago. I gotta admit I’ve kinda been following you guys pretty hardcore. You remind me of my husband and myself. He’s been a musician for years and I help out with all that I can.
    Anyway, we both recently started into network marketing, having a bit of trouble and feeling overwhelmed. But your stories and updates are so inspiring giving up is the last thing we want to do. Hope you get your home!

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