Life Shifts In An Instance: Our Little Angel B Is Here!

beatrice blackOur Baby is here…

In the blink’n of an eye your entire life can change.

In 1 split second your whole world can shift.

Just like Layla and I’s life changed forever
when we made the decision to be successful

It has again been completely transformed
with our newest edition. Beatrice Frances Goldie Black.

Friday January 3rd at 7:54am EST we welcomed
our little miracle. We haven’t stopped smiling since

We knew 2014 was going to be an amazing
year. But we had NO CLUE being parents could
feel like this.

Other parents try to tell you the feeling. But to us
there isn’t words to describe the feeling of love
you have for your little creation.

Beatrice (I’m sure like your kids for you) has put
everything in perspective. It’s like Layla and I
know what are life’s mission is.

She was born 7LBS 5oz.

Imagine a time in your life when you were in shock.
Maybe you have never experienced this. I hadn’t (Toby)

When Layla gave the final push and Beatrice came out.
I was in shock. I didn’t know what to say or do. I was just
overcome with emotion that I have never felt before.

  • It was so pure.
  • So romantic.
  • So honest
  • So loving
  • …And so euphoric

In that split second everything in my world switched
from, what’s best for me… To whats best for B. And
I love it.

Now you don’t need to have a little baby to have this
shift inside of you to want to do more and better for
your life.

A few years ago Layla and I had a similar experience
that was life changing. And that one was self-induced.
– You have the power to move mountains.
– You have the power to transform your mind-set, situation,
  quality of living and your families life.

– What are you going to do in 2014 to change it?

– What are you going to do in 2014 to take it?

– What are you going to do in 2014 to seize it?
Layla and I are here for you. We want to help you. We
want to work directly or in-directly with you to make
it happen.

Keep on the look out over the next few days and weeks
as we will be introducing some tools and businesses
you might be interested in.

Businesses where you don’t have to resell it to make money.
Tools you can use on full auto-pilot to make $379-$1378 a day
from home.

Love you very much and speak soon,

Toby, Layla & B
(Or as we like to say BLT)

P.S. Life is a journey of which you can be a spectator or participator. What one
are you choosing to do?


P.S. Here is some more pics of Bea.

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  • neoads23

    Congratulations to the Beautiful Angel  “Beatrice Frances Goldie Black”

  • joeroper

    Beatrice Black ‘ Welcome to the WORLD! It can be a cold and rough place, ot it can be secure and you cab live LIFE abundantly!  You’re choice!  You’ll have choices to make it happen, as time passes. Choose the right way. You’re lovely and lucky parent’s can influence you, but it will be YOUR decision(s)!  Choose wisely. The GOD who created us wants to lead your life. Learn early-it took me too many years.

  • kelvinandbec

    So happy for you – absolutely nothing can prepare you for how deeply you will love your kids… such a powerful post Toby – always so inspiring.

  • jolene vicki

    your baby is a little cutie

  • BarbBerrevoets

    Congratulations, so precious. Enjoy! What a good start to 2014!

  • LyriaEmpowered

    What a cutie! Enjoy Mama and Dad!

  • Katz2

    Congratulations on the arrival of your lovely daughter. It is a wonderful and awe inspiring moment to be present at the birth of any child, especially your own. And for you two the best part is because you work from home you can schedule your life around her for awhile so there won’t be any mornings where you drag yourself from bed to leave your precious bundle and face a 9 hour day behind the wheel and at the “office” in order to get enough money to barely get by. You, my friends have the best of both worlds. You are financially free and can watch your blessed daughter grow and change all the time from the day she is born.

  • alecia_mlmleads

    Life is precious. Make every moment as you have it now. Congrats guys!

  • Vizion

    Awe so adorable… CONGRATS!!!! You are so right, life will never be the same and that is an oh so wondeful thing 🙂 My daughter gave me my wings when she was born and I captured it with a butterfly tatoo on my neck.. and now I am an empty nester of 3 years.. the time goes sooooo fast, enjoy every moment, every bump and bruise for it all creates the beautiful, priceless and eternal parent child relationship. Welcome to the parenting club.. you guys outpouring of love will continue to nuture your child, family and community.. we are so honored to be a witness of it all!

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