Pampered Chef Review – Scam Or Great Company?

Pampered Chef ReviewTHE PAMPERED CHEF


Doris Christopher founded the pampered chef in the basement of her Chicago home in 1980 she came up with the plan to offer professional quality kitchen equipment directly to the consumer through home cooking demonstrations. Pampered Chef offers high-quality kitchen tools with the purpose of easy food preparation to help you entertain with style and ease.

1980 Dorris starts with an inventory of 71 lines. She produced and tested recipes and began the kitchen show. In the first-year sales were $6689.78 by the years end.

1982 Sales reach $100,000.

1984 The first catalog is released and sales reached $500,000.

1985 There are now 32 consultants from four states.

1990 Sales reached $10 million.

1996 The Pampered Chef opens in Canada.

2000 Pampered chef opens in Germany.

2002 The Pampered Chef joins the Berkshire Hathaway family of businesses.


In review, Pampered Chef has products to million to mention which include bakeware, stoneware, cutlery, outdoor cooking tools, cookbooks, things for entertaining, bamboo, specialty cookware, pantry items, seasonings, mixes, herbs and rubs, the list goes on and on and they’re continually adding more.


Pampered Chef is certainly not a scam, they are a big success with the best cooking and kitchen material that I have seen. As as for the company end of this one, its hopeful that you enjoy cooking. You will prepare food for people, and take it to their homes as a means of introducing your lines. If you really need to do well in this business you also have to convince family and friends to have parties and/or join your business. You will have to attend seminars and spend a lot of money driving all over the place. At today’s gas prices who wants to do that? So when you analyze the full picture. There are easier ways to create a large profit that are more automated. I would suggest that you keep researching.

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