Paparazzi Accessories: Is Paparazzi Jewelry Accessories A Scam? An Honest Review!


I’m always amazed with the number of jewelry accessories that my wife, mother-in-law and my niece have in their possession. If costume jewelry was actually worth any “real money” we would all be rich! Well I should rephrase that. Clearly there is a huge market for costume jewelry and accessories otherwise we wouldn’t see whole stores dedicated to them at your local mall. Although it’s probably profitable, I’m pretty sure it’s expensive to have a physical store in a mall.


 What is Paparazzi Accessories?

Paparazzi Accessories” is a home based business that allows work at home seekers the ability to sell affordable costume Paparazzi Jewelry and accessories. Consultants are able to promote the products using online parties, home parties, word of mouth or many other ways that are totally up to the consultant. The company was started in 2010. They are headquartered in Hurricane, Utah.


About the Paparazzi Jewelry Accessory Products

The lure of most costume or fashion jewelry accessories is that there are various types, styles and most importantly they’re affordable. Well Paparazzi takes it a step further by keeping all “Paparazzi jewelry” and items at $5. I’m very surprised by the variety of the jewelry and accessories and how they can be so affordable without looking cheap.




How Do I Become A Paparazzi Consultant?

Chances are you’re reading this Paparazzi Jewelry Review and thinking I can definitely sell these accessories especially if they’re only $5. Well that’s exactly why Paparazzi Accessories has a home based business opportunity that anyone can join. You’re known as independent consultant or Paparazzi Consultant.

Because this is a business and not a job, there are obviously expenses that come along with starting any business. To sell for Paparazzi Accessories you need to purchase a start up kit. The start up kits are priced at $99, $299 or $499. You’re able to choose whatever starter kit works with your budget or needs. All the starter kits come with marketing material such as invitations to invite people to your home parties, sales bags, display hooks, receipts, Paparazzi jewelry repair kits, etc.



How Much Money Do I Make as A Paparazzi Accessories Consultant?

Paparazzi Independent consultants earn 45% commission every time they sell Paparazzi Jewelry or any of the other Paparazzi Accessories at the retail price. Consultants are able to buy the Paparazzi Jewelry & accessories at wholesale prices and then re-sell them for $5 or more. Although $5 seems to be the sweet spot. The other way to earn with this home business is recruiting other Paparazzi consultants where you earn 5 to 10% from your downline or team volume.


Paparazzi Accessories Jewelry Complaints

Not Listed With The BBB

A lot of people swear and die by Better Business Bureau ratings. But if you are one of those that determine a company’s legitimacy by that BBB letter grade, you’ll be disappointed with the fact that Paparazzi Accessories currently has none. This could be a good and bad thing because it means there hasn’t been any formal complaints filed against this company at the time of this review.


Hosting Parties (Optional Now!)

A lot of reps seem to sell the products using home parties. That part of the business would personally turn me off because I’m a hermit and barely enjoy having my family over let alone other people. LOL However recently the company has provided consultants with their own website like this. This allows reps to avoid the home parties and focus on doing online promotions which is right up my alley. They also do facebook parties which are totally online as well. So although many people use home parties you’re not forced to do this to be successful.


Profit Margins

The company seems to suggest selling the product at about $5. However you could sell it for more. But $5 seems to be the sweet spot as people will buy multiple items in a sitting as my mom did when she learned the price. LOL. That said you’re probably going to need to sell a lot to make some life changing money or will have to supplement some of your own sales by recruiting others under you to make some real money. But making “Real money” is subjective because everyone has different cost of living and income needs. However given my experience, it seems like selling in volume won’t be an issue with that price range and the quality of the products.


Can You Become Successful With Paparazzi Jewelry Accessories?

Although the company is no doubt operating strongly in the industry and is here for long-term, just becoming a member of Paparazzi Accessories will not turn a profit. It takes consistent action and proper marketing to be successful with any opportunity.  Like many MLM opportunities, 97% of those who get started with Paparazzi Accessories are likely to fail.

Contrary to popular belief, it has little to nothing to do with the company. It’s neither because of a faulty network marketing system nor improper direct selling approach, since the industry has produced quite a few millionaires worldwide. The fact is that most people fail for two reasons: incorrect mindset and improper marketing strategies. Since the business is operated at home, most people don’t treat it as business.
Failure with Paparazzi Accessories, or any other opportunity, is rarely about the company. Most people just follow whatever their upline tells them. This is acceptable, if your upline has the experience and training necessary to lead you properly. You’ll need a successful marketing plan…a “blueprint for success, if you will.


In contrast to what most people believe, you can connect with an endless amount of leads in a day. The key is gathering “targeted leads”.  This is where internet marketing comes into the picture. If you’d like to learn how to successfully market your Paparazzi Accessories business, or any business, online, gain access to my free online video training series by clicking the button below.


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