Persuasion Secrets Recap Revealed: You Can’t Afford To Miss This Training Twice

Imagine if you had the power to turn every NO into a YES?

Persuasion is an art that many people overlook, however it is the most powerful component of any Marketing Strategy.

Think about words on a Website…. if you were a Master at Persuasion imagine how many people you’d be able to get to opt in to your list.

Imagine the Emails you would write to them once they did opt in!

Your phone skills, your ad-copy skills, your closing skills, your prospecting skills…. ALL are directly effected by your ability to be Persuasive.

If You Don’t Have Enough Sales, If You’re Stuck in Lead Poverty and You Want to Know Why…. Now CLICK THE PLAY BUTTON and Learn!

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  • Benny Howe

    Hey Guys!

    There’s good proof that video works.. I only came into contact with you two yesterday and I’m feeling like I know you already!

    Been loving some of your videos. Concise, to the point and jam packed full of knowledge!

    Keep it rockin’ 🙂


  • Graham

    Hey guys awesome training and articles, just going through the blogging boot camp again fantastic stuff.

    As for your persuasion when you understand the way that people think you can then lead them down the path you would like them to go knowing that they will benefit from what you have.

    Talk soon Graham

    Ps If you are reading this and have not signed up for the blogging secrets then do so NOW!

  • Ryan

    Great post ! You are so so right when you point out that confidence- not only in your product or opportunity but also in yourself- is essential to getting results when talking to people and presenting your business. Also loved how you point out that instead of trying to sell someone on something, make it THEM and how you can help THEM. You guys are awesome. – RS

  • Rajeev

    Hey Toby and Lyala,

    I’m following these trainings and would like to share them with my affiliates. Is it alright if I do so.


  • Kelly Suchey


    Powerful, powerful powerful information.

    This is what makes you Toby rockstars.


  • Karen Marrow


    Thanks again for the awesome information. Persuasion and influence is something very powerful to learn. When one has not mastered it, it’s sometimes hard to believe you can do it, but you have explained it so well here.

    Look forward to reading more of your posts!



  • april

    Layla, This is very valuable info.. I had struggled with confidence for a long time and I let it hold me back. I made a decision that I would let nothing hold me back. Now I am Rocking it! Thanks for this post it has really helped 🙂

  • Mauricio

    Ive said it before, but it will say it again. “You simply rock!”. Thanks for sharing this great video. Great keys, all about confidence in your upline, team, product, company & industry. Success, Blessings & Health. Mauricio Garza

  • Nathan

    Awesome post! Call it attraction or the art of persuasion… it is a fact that when you can get into the mind of your potential clients, customers or prospects – it makes a HUGE difference in converting sales!

    My focus has shifted so much over the past few months! I no longer push what I want to sell… I highlight solving PROBLEMS by the use my expertise!

    Combined with being a genuine person that conveys integrity… my results have been staggering.

    Thanks for the amazing post you guys! I’m so blessed to learn from two amazing leaders! = )


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