Philip Blackett is a BOLD Leader!

Philip Blackett is a name you’re going to hear a lot this year.

Toby and I don’t just put together a sick lookin’ blog post for just ANYONE. People ask us all the time, can you cut a testimonial video for me… and it takes someone extremely special for us to do an entire blog post about them. But Philip Blackett isn’t your average marketer. “He was a born leader” his family will say. Philip has been reading and studying personal development many years before he had ever joined his first Home Based Business… or generated a lead online.

As you know, Toby and I have been traveling non-stop this past year….. but what we’re not surprised to say, is that Philip Blackett has been right there front row and center at every Event.

Just to name a few stops on Philips journey: New Jersey, Tennessee, Tampa, Maryland, Las Vegas, and Atlanta.

Now to me… that screams COMMITMENT.

The moment that the Top Income Earners in this industry, like Mark Hoverson… Tracey Walker… Cedrick Harris… Ray Higdon…. as soon as they met Philip Blackett… each and every one has raved about his Leadership, his presence, and his ability to communicate words into action.

What are the Great Qualities of a Leader?

  • They Have a Plan: When we sat down for a Private Mastermind with Philip in Phoenix, over a nice glass of wine we discussed his plans. We were blown away that he was so certain of the life he was in the process of creating for himself and his family. A Man motivated by the power of family, is unstoppable.
  • They Have a Vision: Philip Blackett does not stutter when you ask him what his Vision is. He didn’t even have to think about it, which is a true sign that he lives and breaths his vision every day. He said, “After 2 Years on Wall Street, a started my own company… A&E Lifestyle Marketing, whose purpose is to help Ordinary People create more Abundant Lives and Extraordinary Businesses.”
  • They Share That Vision: Philip is not afraid to share his vision and be REAL (you’ll see that in the video below). He’s actually created his own TV Channel where he shares that vision on a live video feed with people all over the world! It’s EPIC Stuff!
  • They Inspire Through Example: There IS NO BETTER EXAMPLE than Philip Blackett. He is at EVERY SINGLE Live Event, front row… taking notes. He is putting himself out there and sharing POWERFUL insight every single day. He never ever forgets to invest time and money back into himself. Philip Blackett has followed our Coaching to a T… and never once heard a single complaint.

Watch This Video Below by Philip Blackett, and We Guarantee If You Pay Attention… You’ll See the Difference. You’ll Understand Why Leaders are Talking About Philip Blackett… Instead of YOU.

To Check Out Philip Blacket Tonight Broadcasting LIVE from New Jersey at 8PM EST Where He is Sharing the Secret Weapon That Put His Face EVERYWHERE and Allowed Him to Build a Massive Following in a Few Months… Simply Sign in as a Guest at the Website Below.

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  • Todd Gragg

    Awesome! Very encouraging to see what happens when you go for it…

  • Mark Brown

    I have to agree with you both. I recently had a great chat with Philip on Facebook. And after that conversation we both shared our thoughts and feelings about our great industry. I left feeling that I was not alone on some of the challenges and success’s we both talked about. He is a top notch man! A great person to be connected with.

  • Toby & Layla

    Thanks for all of your Comments friends. Philip truly is someone to model your desire, your work ethic and your vision after 🙂

  • Leida

    Great Job Phillip!Looking forward to hearing more from you, continue to be blessed.

  • Robert Stritzinger

    As always your actions speak much louder than your words. Thanks for being an inspiration and setting an example of excellence.

  • Marnee Masales

    Well said Philip. Very sincere. Speaking with your heart.

  • John Banks Jr

    Have found the Monday night training offered by Philip to be quite helpful, and filled with great content. I really appreciate the nuggets of experience shared. Looking forward to his broadcast tonight.

  • Kimberly Flores

    I got my eye on you!
    upward and onward!

  • Eusebio Arroyo

    That is awesome Philip. God Bless. 🙂

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