Popular Hashtags: How to Use Popular Trending Hashtags to Get More Traffic

popular trending hashtags

Popular # Hashtags:

When it comes to hashtags, I’ve seen some ridiculous ones. Some people just make up randomly on the spot like #thisiswhyidon’teatsushi and some have sparked from popular Internet movements like #aintnobodygottimeforthat

I’ll admit searching my brain for some cleverness to make into a hashtag.

Do # Hashtags even work? Is anyone going to actually search a #hashtag?

Well if you’re pulling the hashtags off the top of your head, making them up as you go, and trying to start your own # Hashtag revolution…. probably not going to work. (Unless you get a whole community of people onboard and some incentive to using the #hashtag)

The secret to using Hashtags to get more traffic —- Using POPULAR and Trending Hashtags.

Popular and trending hashtags are getting the most searches, advantage…. but also the most competition, opportunity.

Why do I say opportunity?

Opportunity to watch popular hashtags and observe the most engaging and interactive posts and pictures. What does the audience want? What do they like? How did the post get Engagement? As an Online Marketer you must always be observing MARKETING.

Press Play to see some of the Most Popular Trending Hashtags and Become a Smart Marketer.

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  • Toby & Layla

    YOU GUYS ROCK… Seriously the Pura Vida project is helping so many people. We are so proud of you two. We gotta come to Costa Rica to visit soon!

  • Toby & Layla

    Hashtags rock… great to start implementing into your marketing for sure!

  • Kat Zapanta

    Thanks for this awesome training!! You guys rock – you are the Rockstars after all and why we joined your team! 😀

  • Cindy

    Awesome Layla always wanted to know what the big deal was with those little buggers, now I know and now I totally will be implementing into my marketing efforts.
    Cheers appreciate you.

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