Recommended Reading

“To have more than you’ve got, become more than you are.” – Jim Rohn

The words of the great Jim Rohn. In order to attract leaders to your business, you must yourself become a leader. Correct?

In order for 2 Broke Musicians to transform their lives so radically, from living in the basement of a bar… to Top Recruiters and Top 3% in the industry… we had to increase our VALUE to this industry. How did we do that?

We Worked On US.

Toby and I have assembled our reading list of books that CHANGED our lives. Changed our Minds, Changed our Business….

The Rockstar Marketing Recommended Reading List for Business Success, Personal Grown and Achievement!

Rich Dad Poor Dad – Robert Kiyosaki:

Toby always hated school, and had never completed a full book from cover to cover …. EVER. His father Laurie Black had been telling him about this book for 2 years. Toby always thought he knew better, and didn’t have time for reading. Finally after our first Network Marketing meeting, he picked the book up. Read the entire book in a day, and twice more that week. This book will open your eyes to the way a Successful Business Mind works and get your brain on the path for success.

To be successful you must get in the right state of mind, and learn how to make money.

We spend years in school but learn nothing about making money.

Learn to Make Money from one of the most Successful Business Men on the planet… and read how HE was taught to understand business.

Your First Year in Network Marketing – Mark and Rene Yarnell

We were given this book in the first few months of our Network Marketing career, by a Contact that I’d met online. He said that in order to know exactly how to MASTER this industry, and get Maximum results within your organization we needed to read this book. He actually felt so strongly about it, he shipped us his personal copy.

Immediately drawn to the successful couple Mark and Rene Yarnell, they had great energy… that the words popped out of the page.

They go over every major reason people fail, and people quit. They shape out your path, so you know exactly what to expect in this industry, and how to avoid falling into the many Traps that exist within ourselves and this industry.

This is a MUST READ for any New Network Marketer, and we guarantee if you read this book… you will NEVER Quit. (So probably also a good book for your Entire Organization to read)

Awaken the Giant Within – Anthony Robbins

When we brought Anthony Robbins into our lives, our perspective completely changed. The concept of truly understanding what it is we were focusing on, why we acted the way we did, and how to gain control of our personal self. Everyone is a work in progress, and no one is perfect.

Anthony Robbins helped us grasp that we are in total control of our lives. And his 3 Decision Formula Changed Everything.

– What You Focus On

– What Meaning You Give It

– What Action You Take

Definitely bring Anthony Robbins into your life if you are looking to TRULY develop into the person you  need to be, to have the life you Dream Of.

Why NOW Is the Time to Crush It – Gary Vaynerchuck

It doesn’t matter WHAT industry you are in, this book will open your eyes to the INCREDIBLE power of Monetizing your Passion online! Gary Vaynerchuck is an EXPERT Blogger and made fortunes blogging as a wine critic, HIS PASSION.

Whether you are a Realtor, or an Interior Decorator, a Network Marketer or a Musician… NOW is the time to take your brand to the internet and stop leaving money on the table.

He breaks down real time steps to take to maximize the huge potential of sites like Facebook and Youtube. If you haven’t bought this book yet, guaranteed your Competition is going to get their hands on it. You don’t want them having this FIRST… Trust us.

This is one of the most POWERFUL books we’ve ever read and it’s a definite suggestion to ANYONE Looking to Cash in on their Passion using the Incredible power of the Internet.

The Big Book of NLP Techniques – Shlomo Vaknin

This book is not for your AVERAGE person. This book is only for those Master Marketers that really want to dig deep into the Minds of People. As Marketers we know that money comes from one place… PEOPLE.

This book goes into extreme detail on the Techniques of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic-Programing) and exposes exactly why we do what we do, and the signals you can pinpoint to fully understand how the wheels are turning.

These skills will Enhance ALL AREAS of your Life. Your personal relationships, your business Negotiating, Prospecting, Online Sales copy… If You’re Ready to STEP IT UP and Become a NINJA of the Mind. Click that Book and buy it NOW.

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