{Inner Circle} Prospecting Bootcamp Session 1 Review

Prospecting Is The Single Most Powerful Strategy To Master In Your Home Business!

Hey Rockstar,

If you missed last weeks session do not stress we have added the recording link below this post. When we first got started in MLM 3 years ago we went about prospecting all wrong (like everyone does) and go NO Results. Then when we started to invest in courses and listen to powerful Prospecting Guru’s, and TAKE ACTION we started to see some Results. Now we are the #1 Recruiters Inside a Global Company in over 40 Countries.

We are sharing all of those Secrets throughout this 3 week Bootcamp.

Here is some of the things you will learn:

  • The Secret to Getting Confident on the Phone!
  • How to hear a prospects objection before they even open their mouth.
  • The Hottest Places to Prospect both Offline & Online
  • How No’s on the Phone will make you LETHAL!
  • The trick to never letting an Objection stump you!
  • How to get CONFIDENT in 5 Minutes!
  • The 3 Laws of Successful Closing
  • The Power Behind Loving “The No’s” & How The Actually Make Them Money
  • A Very Simple But Highly Effective Trio Of Questions, almost Guaranteeing Results
  • Layla and I’s Exact Prospecting Script (Word for Word) that has Allowed Us To Personally Sponsor Over 1800 People In Our 3 Year MLM Career
  • And Much More…

Basically Everything You Must Know To Be A Master Prospector!

This Elite Mind Altering Prospecting Bootcamp will only be public and Free for 7 2 Hours. Then it will be kept private for our Inner Circle Members. To check out the training everyone is talking about, Go Here Now <—- Click Me Now!

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  • tanisha

    Prospecting the right way is key…….position you as an expert and others will follow you guys rock Layla. Very motivating….thank you

  • Donna Harris

    Incantations…..it works! They get your blood flowing. I love it. I love you guys.

    Many thanks.

  • James Ratcliffe

    Grueling. Another boot camp. Lock & Load. ready.

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