Ray Higdon, Numis Network’s First 6 STAR, had something to say about Toby & Layla

This is a story you will want to start your day off with. To inspire you that anything is possible….

Ray Higdon, was never a Top Income Earner in anything… had failed in over 12 different companies in his Network Marketing career – AND…

Only just a year ago, his savings and finances were gobbled away in the real estate market, he couldn’t afford his car payments… and his friends and family were sick of hearing about Juices, Pills, even an Aztek GRAIN. (Don’t ask lol).

Numis Network found him at the Exact Moment in his life, when he saw the balance of his bank account with his last $300.00.

Who else believes that things happen for a reason and opportunities WILL FIND YOU when you are most in need? If your eyes are open enough to see it.

Ray Higdon saw a refreshing product in Numis Network. And seeing the real estate market shift from “We Buy Houses” to “We Buy Gold” from the short end of the stick… he knew a market trend when he saw one.

And then…. he just went to work. For One YEAR.

Imagine, earning a monthly income bigger than the average American’s yearly income… after a year of hard work. And Getting FREE 7 Series BMW as a BONUS!

Listen to what Ray Higdon Has to say about his amazing SHIFT in his life and his advice for creating that same shift in yours….

Watch Ray Higdon’s WHY NUMIS NETWORK Video

If You Want to Work With Ray Higdon and Toby & Layla to Create that 180 Shift in Your Life and Your Bank Account…. CLICK HERE AND TAKE ACTION NOW.

For all our Current Team Members… Ray Higdon’s Training Page is Freakin’ AWESOME.


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  • Andrew Gallop , Leadership skills

    Hello Toby & Lala, What a great post congratulations to all. We are part of the best team in the world. Thanks,Andrew Gallop

  • Toby & Layla

    @damien – It really is inspirational… Ray is awesome. He is all about helping us and our team succeed. Amazing leadership. Gotta love him.

  • Damien Willis

    Wow! What a great story and what a trio of inspirational people. In what other industry can you go from struggling to pay your car payments to becoming a top earner and winner of a 7 Series Beemer in a year?

    Cool intro by the way.

  • Martin Girard

    Great post guys!

  • Ray Higdon

    Aw, thanks! Lets rock!

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