Release Negative Words Instantly and Reprogram Your Thoughts – 7 Deadly Word Habits


Are Negative Words taking over your life?

You may not even realize it. That’s what it was like for me…. I was speaking crap into my life, and I wasn’t even aware… it was just habit.

Release Negative Words Today with the steps in this post.

This is the first step to designing the life of your dreams, because thoughts become “THINGS”.

Reprogramming Your Thoughts Doesn’t Have To Be Difficult.

How do you release the negative thought patterns?

I am going to answer that question for you here…. with REAL LIFE STEPS you can actually implement.

Rather than just telling you to “Think Positive” I am going to give you the action steps to Reprogram Your Thoughts and physically release the negative words and replace them with new ones.

The thought of making this stuff simple, so more people can release the negative words and the limiting self talk we have with ourselves and others every day, MAKES ME GIDDY. I wish that I had learned this when I was 11… when I just started to create these negative thought patterns.

I honestly wish I had spent more time, early on in life practicing things like this.

To think how many years later… after being bullied as a child, I let those thought patterns control my life. But you can’t go back and tell your 11 year old self all the things you know now, can you? So all I can do is share with you the most powerful tool you can master to change your life.

No it’s not a Social Media gadget and it’s not going to get your fanpage to 1000 likes in 48 hours.

It will however, change your destiny. And if Negative Thoughts are controlling you right now… that probably sounds pretty good.

I didn’t realize how powerful I could become when I focused on this. I didn’t realize that everything in my life had happened because of this.

I just didn’t realize that I had the power to control the “chatter”.

YES, the words you speak or sometimes just “hear” in your head.


You’re here because you maybe read the word INSTANTLY and you wanted to feel the change right away.


It can only happen instantly if you commit.

You can’t just watch the video and suddenly all of your negative thoughts transform into birdies and sunshine.

But I am going to give you real life action steps all along the way that you can start using right now, if you make the commitment to them.

So… if you really do want to release the Negative Words and start to reprogram your thinking, keep reading. In the video below I am sharing with you

The 7 Deadly word habits you will become aware of in this video, will open your mind and force you to grow … and I always say, once you know something… you can’t un-know it. You may start to notice this habits in people around you… or even in your own dialogues.

Ready for them? If you’re not a reader, skip ahead and simply press play on the video below.

If you are like me, and like a bit of Reading Material I took some quick notes for you.

7 Deadly Negative Word Habits and the How To’s on Releasing them.


1. Trying

tryHave you heard the saying “trying is lying”. Saying “I’ll try” is a very weak commitment that gives yourself an escape clause that “I may not succeed”. It’s like giving yourself a back door exit, and not over committing when you expect to succeed. So like “I’ll try to eat healthy.” means “I probably won’t.”

TO DO: Whenever you catch yourself saying, “I’ll try”, stop and decide what your real intention is. Do you want to, or not? Then either commit one way or another: “I will because it means a lot to me”, or “I won’t because my desire for that is not strong enough”. Be honest with yourself, this is a major key to Reprogramming Your Thinking and Releasing Negative Words and Thoughts.


2. Can’t

cantWhen you say Can’t your subconscious mind goes out and looks for proof or evidence. The subconscious mind never fails you. The more you use “I can’t”, the more you will perceive and experience limitation in your life… The more reasons your mind will find why you CAN’T and you’ll probably notice more of these circumstances popping up that are preventing you.

TO DO: When you say, “I can’t”, take a pause… get tuned it to what’s going on around you. You might resist it… and feeling incompetent or unable… you might be scared, or thinking of past experiences where you did not succeed, or thinking of current circumstances that are preventing you…whatever the case. Ask yourself this question.. “WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE ABLE TO?” If Yes….

  • Write a list of all the ways that it might be possible to make it happen.
  • Write the feelings that will be created when it happens
  • Write down all the traits or energies needed to allow yourself to be able to.


3.  Should or Have To:

advice mod verbsWhenever we state, “I should” or “I have to”, we speak as though there is some third party outside authority acting over us. This creates an inner resistance or at the very least, a sense of having to ‘measure up’. In both cases, we set up an unconscious rebellion within. Furthermore, it is a denial one’s inner authority and conscience, as though we need to be told what to do. This is disempowering, as we don’t get to exercise the power of choice from our own volition.

TO DO: When you find yourself saying “I should”, or “I have to”, stop and take notice. Then ask yourself, “Do I want to do this or don’t I? And, “What does that say of me?” If you do, then restate it as an “I want to”. If you don’t, then also state that choice clearly in your mind. Change all shoulds into conscious wanting to (wanting to do it or wanting to not do it, i.e. wanting another choice)


4. Need to Change a Negative

negative wordsWhen you create this feeling of having to change something about you… there is an instant confrontation. Have you ever said the words “This is just the way I am.” ? I know I used to say that all the time. Looking to other people to change around me, rather than ever looking within. So when you say it to yourself… the same thing happens. Resistance.

Rather than needing to move away from a perceived negative, change it into wanting to move towards MORE of a positive.

For example, “I need to earn more money” is trying to get away from the negative of ‘not earning enough money’. The following statements rewords it in two ways, “How can I earn EVEN MORE money”. You are are now on a process of  ‘earning money’.

TO DO: To help excel your process, you could write down all the ways in which you could ‘earn even more money’, ‘do things in an even more organized and effective manner’, etc. You would list all and any ideas that come to mind, no matter how obscure or unlikely. You can keep this list with you, and read it daily and keep adding to it as ideas pop up. This gets the subconscious mind working harder on finding solutions to your quest. The subconscious mind always elaborates on what you repeatedly direct your attention to. So you’ve effectively stated the what, and kick started the subconscious mind to start working on the how. From you long list, you’ve also increased your belief in the possibility of these things happening. And the desired changes will now begin to manifest in your reality at an accelerated pace.


5. Needing a Negative to Change in Someone Else

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 11.49.47 PMHave you ever wished you could make someone else change?

Rather than thinking, “He’s so pessimistic and negative, being around him makes me unhappy!”, implying that “he needs to change”, reframe your wording so you are moving towards something positive with the person.

“How can I support him in becoming happy?” is a good reframe.

Your subconscious mind may resist this reframe, thinking he’s the problem, but this is not helpful to you. When you see and verbalize things as problems, they will remain problems for you. Understand that your role is to consciously choose what you wish to experience in life

Look at the world as being  FLUID and able to become whatever you want, rather than a fixed reality.

TO DO: The instant you make a list of all the ways you can support him in becoming happy will change your energy around the person and invite new ways of being for both of you. It may be tempting to turn your list into a series of reasons why they need to change.

Reframing moving away from a negative into something that moves toward a positive will awaken in you a connection to the power of your words as manifesting commands. “How can I support him in becoming happy” changes the whole direction of the relationship—it can diffuse your pent up old anger energy and make you realize that there are no observers in life, only participants. And this major shift is initiated by the power of your words. Try it on some loaded issue with someone and experience the power for yourself!

6- Verbal Implications

ifttt1A verbal implication is a statement of an outcome occurring from a specific circumstance. Ex. “I get cranky when I haven’t had a good night’s sleep.” “I always freeze up on camera.” “I’m so tired after work.” As you can see, you program yourself to be a certain way whenever certain conditions exist.

TO DO: Make new verbal implications that are positive, and undo the negative programming. Ex “I am relaxed when I am on camera and let my true self shine through.” “In the afternoon I enjoy a new surge of energy.” When you catch yourself making a negative verbal implications, say or think “Cancel”, and then rephrase it with a positive implication.

7- I AM – Negatives

i-am-two-wordsThe words “I AM” are the most powerful, commanding words we can speak.

Each time they are used, our affirmed reality is infused with universal creative energies to support the manifestation. When you say I AM with a negative, that negative reality is immediately reinforced.

 “Oh, I’m so stupid”, is a plea for others to not judge our stupidity because we’ve taken care of the judgment already. It may also hold a declaration to others not to expect us to do things well. But it invites others to look at our stupidity and the reality is strengthened by everyone’s attention to it.  Negative realities gain in strength by the number of people partaking in them.

TO DO: Avoid all negative “I AM” statements; there is absolutely no need of them. If you really feel you need to share with people or you catch yourself, then word it differently, “My energy is low…” and you can add “but it’s getting stronger with every breath I take. My body is being restored to a state of great vitality and I have great focus”.


Press Play on the Video Below and Let’s

Begin To Release the Negative Words

and Reprogram Your Thinking.


I am willing to bet that after you watch that video you will be more aware… you will even start to notice people in your life who use these word habits.
What are some Negative words you have released from your life and how did they Empower you?

Share Below!

As a girl who struggled with my weight, my self image, and my identity I know how powerful a training like this would have been for me years and years ago. If there is someone in your life, who you know could benefit from submerging themselves in information like this…. please share this with them.

To me, learning to Master the words we speak to ourselves and others (and especially our children) is more precious than anything because it shapes our entire future… and definitely our present.

Were there other Negative thoughts or words you wanted help releasing?

Reach out to us below, leave a comment with your email so we can connect with you.

This blog post is just scratching the surface, and I am extremely passionate about helping people let go and have the ability and belief to step into their real power.

Since you’re waaaaay down here, reading all the way to the end… I can tell you will be committed to this process. I can tell you want change in your life.



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  • Marie ocea

    I love your post because it touch both sides

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    I love this! Whenever I’m writing a new article, I try to use positive words. There is enough negative energy and I want to boost and encourage.

  • Meiko Martin

    This is a great blog. Negativity in actions and words is a setback waiting to happen. Thanks for posting such an insightful article.

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    Thanks Layla, I loved this and everyone needs to get the negative out of their lives.

  • Toby & Layla

    Thanks so much Lynn… it’s really important to know the words we need to release and be aware of them… but it’s equally important to know how to replace those negative words and create new habits! Thanks for your comment, you are so right Lynn.

  • Lynn Brown

    I love this post Layla because you not only share the negative words but you share some great tips and advice to overturn them, get them out of your mind, release them and make positive decision. Thanks for sharing.

  • Toby & Layla

    Thanks for the awesome comment Phenie… glad you liked the real time implementation tips.

  • Toby & Layla

    It will make a world of difference in your conviction when you make the changes in this post, especially about the word TRY. Yet no one is ever perfect, I even still catch myself in the Try Cycle. But it’s the commitment to consistently growing into the best and most powerful version of ourselves.

  • Toby & Layla

    YES Alecia, I find myself becoming more aware when people around me use them too… As tempting as it is to correct people all the time, lol… it’s good just to practice the awareness to recognize these habits.

  • Alecia Stringer

    I love these! I seem to catch myself every once in a while doing these, and it is more powerful to be most aware when you do say them so you can catch it and fix it right away. Thanks for the powerful reminder!

  • Luis Craveiro

    Super post Layla. I have started a change process in my life and began to pay more attention to what I say and interpret what I say. I have been very surprised to realize that I use “try” a lot. When interpreting why I used try in a sentence I realized that I use it when in my mind I know I am not interested in actually committing to it. Knowing that I was not interested in committing to it actually was very relieving… .

  • Phenie Charles

    Extremely powerful, powerful post Layla!! Great strategies and tips. I applaud the value you share consistently! 🙂

  • Toby & Layla

    I like to share practical ways you can make a shift now.. rather than just telling you that you should release the negative words, I wanted to give you empowering words to replace them with.

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    Our pleasure Kenee! Glad they were helpful to you.

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    ya baby… its definitely a process that has been very powerful for me

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  • Toby & Layla

    It is so true Gabrielle.

    We are what we think…and we are what we focus on…

    So if we are always focusing on the negative in life… what do we think we will always get more of? Negativity.

  • Toby & Layla

    Yes you can Cheryl.

    Living free of the “crap” allows to operate in a higher level of thinking.

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    Thanks Sahara.

    It is truly powerful to release the negative baggage isn’t it?

    Congrats on all your success.

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    Thanks Terri. It really is something profound to live a life released of negative baggage. Being able to be present and clear in any and every situation is true human power.

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    You know it. You must release them to break free.

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    Isn’t it funny Laura how sometimes lessons we have heard over and over again… Take on deeper meaning when we appreciate them through new light. Thanks for all you do.

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    It’s crazy what negativity can actually do to our health. Creating a TOXIC or acidic state inside of us where disease is able to grow. Thanks for your comment Gabrielle! We appreciate you.

  • Toby & Layla

    YES, that’s key…. not only recognizing the action we want to eliminating it… but SUBSTITUTING it with positive habits instead! Thanks for the comment Raquel!

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    SO TRUE…. it would be a totally different place.

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    My name is Loren Dixon. I must say I enjoyed your video release negative words and reprogram your thinking. I am doing that now, so seeing your video was very timely. I am with iPAS2 and am a black card member. I am looking for a mentor. I am working hard and expect traffic to my site. I am still waiting. Please look at my site and help me to improve.
    Thanks for reading and I am looking forward to hearing from you.

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    As a victim of emotional abuse at the hands of people I “thought” loved me, I was very guilty of believing the lies they were telling me about myself. It took YEARS, and the help of a good friend who hit me on the head with a two-by-four and told me to stop believing those lies. Since then, I have learned to RELEASE NEGATIVE WORDS from both my mind and my vocabulary. I know I am not those things they said I was. This really hit home to me. Thank you.

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