Rockstar Marketing is Creating Personal Breakthroughs… Ready for Yours?

The stories that are rising out of the Rockstar Team are really shaking up the Industry.

The 20-30 Year Network Marketing Veterans are scratching their heads and wondering how did 2 Twenty-something Broke Musicians come into a brand new industry with literally $40 between them… No Experience in Network Marketing… No Experience on the Internet… and now they are #1 Recruiters in their Business, earning a crazy obscene income, generating hundreds of leads a day, but MOST IMPORTANTLY


Look at Marisol Dennis, a 10 Year Cancer Butt Kickin Warrior… who in her first 48 hours in the Rockstar Team had already personally sponsored 6 New Team Members and Made Almost $1000.00! Now THAT is a breakthrough. To go from being sick and tired of being broken and broke… barely able to afford doctors visits, to starting a NEW LIFE the moment she joined the Rockstars.

Arlene Mortensen had an Empty Youtube Account for over a year. Telling herself she would cut a video… soon. Dealing with Fibromyalgia  and Chronic pain, Arlene was really struggling with some personal inner conflict. When you lose your ability to work…. your ability to run…. to walk up and down your stairs… you lose a part of your sense of worth. And Arlene definitely has overcome a lot of that pre-conditioned inner dialogue that used to be there. YOU’LL SEE THAT WHEN YOU WATCH HER VIDEO!

So many Women are Stepping Up to the plate, facing their fears head on and achieving more than they ever dreamed of. Patricia Faidley and Getzie Lamar made their Video Debut in front of HUNDREDS of women on our Women Leaders Unite webinar. It’s a powerful movement to be involved in I tell ya!


  • Has been Nervous when that Video Camera is Pointed right at your face?
  • Has ever questioned their abilities and found that you were your own worst enemy?
  • Has said you would accomplish something but then life got in the way and procrastination set in?
  • Is sick of working with Mentors and Coaches that will fluff you up till they have your Credit Card and then they turn into Dr. Jenkyl and Mr. Hyde?
  • Is finally ready to work side by side with the Rockstars and get the leadership, guidance, and TRAINING you deserve?
  • Wants the REAL Secrets that allowed 2 Broke Musicians to Create Massive Wealth Online in their First Year?
  • Is READY for their own Personal Breakthrough?

We Want You To Really Watch Arlene’s Video and See the Breakthrough Happening Right Before Your Eyes. A Girl Who Has Had Her Youtube Account for Over a Year… and the Rockstars Pushed Her Outside Her Comfort Zone To Cut Her FIRST VIDEO EVER!

If You Are Ready to Create YOUR Personal Breakthrough and Finally Hit that PEAK Where Success Is No Longer an Up Hill Battle… Click the Link Below and Enter Your Name and Information. We Have a SPECIAL GIFT for the Next 20 Rockstars Who Take Action.

*When You Guys See This Special Gift You Are Going to Flip OUT… Details Being Released TOMORROW!!!**

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  • Maria Eves

    Arlene you shine and an absolute natural at video.
    Thanks so much for shareing. Have a blessed 2011.

    Your rock girl!!

  • Angela Carter

    Great job Arlene. It’s great to see so many women having personal breakthroughs in this industry. It is definitely inspiring to me and so many others in this industry who have to continue to push past our fears and comfort zone.

  • MLM Company

    Great Video Arlene. Much better than my first one. You ROCK, RockStar.

  • Tammy

    Arlene, great job! You look like a pro. Keep it up girlfriend!

  • Toby & Layla

    Sometimes you just need to PUSH yourself to stretch your comfort zone. But now that the goose-egg is over with… you have so much amazing value to bring this industry.

    You are a ROCKSTAR 🙂

    Thanks for the incredible comments ladies 🙂 You rock!

  • Golda Smith

    Congratulations Arlene. You’re an inspiration to anyone who is still stuck in nation called Procrastination. Change isn’t easy, nor is it comfortable but when you push yourself to stretch you’ll find that it was totally worth it.

    To Your Continued Growth,


  • Sabrina Dix

    Awesome Arlene….Keep em coming!

  • Shanna Highsmith

    Great Video Arlene. Much better than my first one. You ROCK, RockStar.

  • Getzie R. Lamar

    Great debut video, Arlene. You look and sound like a pro! Keep them coming.

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