Rockstar Marketing Series Day 2: How Google Voice Helps the Network Marketer


Why is Google Voice a MUST HAVE for Every Network Marketer?

Well first: What is Google Voice?

Google Voice is a Free Web Calling and Phone Management Application. More than 1.5 Million people all over the world are using it. With one phone number your clients can ring your home, work, and mobile phones.

In this blog post we’ll be going over some KEY reasons why all Network Marketers should be using Google Voice and how it is saving them TIME and MONEY, which is KEY in the Network Marketing industry.

5 Advantages that Network Marketers with Google Voice Have Over the Competition.

1. Call Announcing: Allows you to SAVE TIME and know if it’s a Prospect or a “Telemarketer” on the line. Don’t Waste time answering every single call. (Schedule Your Interruptions!) We learned not to let the Phone control our lives…. Google Voice allows us to have a scheduled time of the day to return calls, but know if it’s urgent enough that we’d need to take it.

2.  Your Personal Mobile or Home Number doesn’t have to blasted all over the internet but you can forward your Google Voice number to any phone you wish.

3. Network Marketers can include their Google Number in all their marketing material without worrying about changing mobiles etc. Business Cards, Websites, Social Networks, Drop Cards, Direct Mail.

4. You can set up a professional voicemail greeting sharing about your Brand and instructing them to go to a capture page or website for a free download. This ensures you’re prospecting qualified leads and helps your lead generation efforts.

5. YOU CAN CALL ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD FOR FREE. Okay how AWESOME is this point. When we hook our mobile up to our Wifi, (or any wifi) we can now make calls for free! Even if we are in Africa, or Australia… as long as there is wifi, you’ve got a free calling card! 🙂

Sue Hanson is a Rising Star in the Rockstar Team and when she found Google Voice she knew this was a Free Tool that every Network Marketer had to see. Sue is heavily involved with several Meet Up Groups and is an expert in how to properly prospect at a MeetUp group.

When she saw how powerful Google Voice was for the MeetUp Group, she immediately asked to share it with all of you.

Press Play to See a Quick Tip That Sue Shares That Saves Her So Much Time When It Comes to Texting!

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Stay Plugged in for more awesome Rockstar Tips in this Series coming over the next couple of weeks. Rockstar Marketing is a community of Networkers and Marketers that focus on Social Media and Branding! If you want to learn how to create a HUGE presence online and get your business in front of the masses CLICK HERE NOW.

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  • timothy willan

    I’m using google voice! great tool for not missing any important calls! Thanks for sharing!

  • Alex Pino

    Google Voice is awesome, I love it. Have had it for a while and am finally getting some good use out of it by being in this industry.

  • James E Ratcliffe

    I’m gonna be a USER! RED HOT TOOL! Mobile users and all future USERS! Only a fool would by-pass this Tool! Toby and Layla Rockstars Thanks & Thanks Sue!

  • Aisha Black

    Great Post Sue, I usually use Google talk to speak to my cousin in Panama, but will definitely utilize this feature when I am not always able to call back immediately. Thank you fr the tip!

  • Emily

    Thanks for the tip guys! I started using google voice about 2 months ago and I love it! Sure saves money and I can get to the calls during my scheduled hours 🙂

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