ROCKSTARS: This Video Is Guaranteed To Make Monday Blues Melt Away

Who else had that little sickening feeling this morning when you knew the weekend was officially OVER?

80% of Heart Attacks in this country happen between 6am-9am on Monday Morning. What does that mean?

People Would Rather Die Than Go to Work!

If you are sick of Mondays bringing you down and you want to see my SECRET for jumping out of bed full of energy … even on Monday… Watch this Video! If you have 2 MINUTES each day to follow my lead, I guarantee Monday Blues will be a thing of the PAST.

The Rockstar Team has allowed so many people to Quit their Jobs and say goodbye to the Monday Blues forever. John Callanan was able to leave his corporate america job to spend time traveling with his daughter for her softball career. Rachael Macgregor was able to bring her Hubby Home from work within her first 3 Weeks with the Rockstar Team. WE ARE SHOWING PEOPLE HOW TO CHANGE THEIR LIVES.

Click the Play Button to See How I Triumphed Over the Monday Blues Today!

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  • Ayanna Mitchell

    Rockin video Layla! I’m with you…initially I wouldn’t have liked the song either but when you listen to the lyrics – it rocks! It is my life – I have to live each moment like it’s my last because one day it will be.

    I do a similar car-dance every morning to keep myself positive and pumped. And – yep people look at you odd and shake their heads. But who cares? It’s my life!


  • Bill Shoemaker

    Right on ! Let’s punch Monday in the face! Wooo hoooo! Thank you teaching us your incredible wisdom and let’s help as many people in the world punch Monday in the Face!

  • Jamie Gaymon

    Jobs suck, but you guys don’t! love the video!

  • Janet Garcia

    Oh my God!!! Rocking and smoking! That was awesome…

  • Toby & Layla

    Hey Rockstars… Thanks so much for the wicked comments.
    My goal was to get you guys pumped up and ready to ROCK!
    Mission Accomplished!!!
    See you all tonight on the Webshow at 9PM EST

  • Kelly

    Awesome Video Layla am looking forward to the days and weeks ahead.

  • Kimberly Flores

    I Love It! Ha Ha ha… I LOVE Mondays! And I don’t care who sees me. That is the number one reason I like to drive alone, I can crank up my stereo and sing out loud. The words you allow into your mind really set your subconscious to working, because it doesn’t know but what you tell it.
    Sing Layla, Sing!

  • Philip Blackett

    That Song ROCKS!!! Haven’t heard it in a while and that’s honestly the BEST way to describe how I’m feeling being a part of the ROCKSTAR team!

    No More Monday Blues for ME! No Sir! 🙂

    Thank you for sharing Layla,

  • Eric Burnett

    LOL…this video is hilarious. You just made my monday lalya!!!! I actually started to rock out with you when the song started playin…lol

  • Nathan

    Loved the video Rockstar! Monday is just another day for us fortunate enough to be in this industry… and it keeps getting better and better! I feeling asking somebody to pinch me pleeeeease! = )

    Congrats of getting your TV show and the premiere brodcast will be epic… wild horses couldn’t keep me away at 9 p.m. EST!

    Thanks for posting this and for being such wonderful leaders!!!


  • Gerri Stechschulte

    Wow!! YOU Rock! Loved the video. It’s about 5:30 and
    I am PUMPED all over again. Thanks for my resurrection.

    I remember Monday’s when I had a J O B. I didn’t want to go to bed because I didn’t want to go to work.

  • Yvar Belotte- Online Business Developer

    Having a JOB is risky! Enjoy the time freedom of working on your own schedule. The best way to get rid of the Monday Blues is to be your own boss! Great post T&L as usual. It was just the pick-me-up I needed today!

  • Sue Hanson

    I remember that sick feeling. Self employment is definitely better and more stable in today’s economy.

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