Secret 7 Figure Fly-In Footage Leaked to the Public

This Footage is Not for the Weak of Heart.

This Footage is Not for the Average Networker.

This Footage is Not for the Average Distributor.

These Videos are for the ABOVE AVERAGE.

This Secret Footage was taken from a Private 6 & 7 Figure Fly-In with the owner of the #1 Home Business in the Industry. A group of Top Leaders assembled to Dissect the Company, The Comp Plan, The Product, The Vision…. bit by bit. (And you are going to get to see what happened.)

We’ve worked with many owners in this industry. Never have we seen owners like Blake, Nick, and Ryan…. these guys are marketing geniuses. Ryan Blair has the #1 Seller on Amazon… all over the world, in countries that Visalus hasn’t even launched yet, people are talking about Visalus. It’s EPIC.

Even if you never join Visalus, you need to STUDY these Secret Videos if you Plan on Making Serious Money in this Industry.

You can never be too proud to study what’s working.

Warning: This is kind of like that Blue Pill & Red Pill…. after you take the Red Pill, and watching these videos you won’t be able to look at the Industry the same way. You might even start looking at your OWN company in a different light. And if that makes some people upset, so be it. The Red Pill is the TRUTH.

Or stick with the Blue Pill, keep seeing your downline fizzle out, keep getting those checks that DON’T reflect your efforts, and keep watching other people Win.

So maybe the truth hurts … and many leaders are looking at the duplication in their downlines and feeling that punch. And yes, we’ve pissed some people off… and slapped some people where they needed it. (PS. If you missed our Duplication Secrets Webinar Catch the Recording That’s Peeved Gurus Off Here).

So if you haven’t already clicked one of the Sexy Looking images on this blog post yet, but you’re sitting there READY to enlighten your mind, and you have the perspective to LEARN from what you’re about to See…


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