The Secret to Yes Everytime in Your Home Based Business

Are you talking about your Home Based Business and hearing No?

Do You Want to Hear YES More Often?

Stop telling people all about your business and watch this quick video that gives you the SECRET to selling people in a way they can’t say No to.

I had a major “Aha” moment when I truly thought about this…

Pay Attention…

Think about that folks….

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  • Brent Mann

    Dear Layla….That was an awesome seminar Layla, I was also there and would like to Thank Numis Network Corporate for paying our way in to the Zig Ziglar tune up Seminar Great ” Golden Nuggets ” Layla Thank you my friends……cheers.

    ” See You @ The Vaults ”

    Brent Mann & Princess ” D ”

    Prince of Bling, Largo Florida
    Team Take Over ” TTO ”

  • Rhandell Mitchell

    Very true Layla… If you can get a person to open up and tell you what their goals are it makes prospecting a lot easier. This corresponds with the video that you sent out recently about getting into a person’s dream space. You and Toby are a great motivation and I wish you the most success!

  • Mark Gubuan

    What up! Great insight. I had this same epiphany as well. It’s almost like a mindset shift of success. Love it.

    This mindset goes back to the statement of “helping others achieve what they want, will get you what you want”.


    P.S. Tell Toby thanks for the phone call and I hope to connect again soon.

  • Met Rivers

    I also Thank You for taking the time to share what you’ve learned. We all can move further along in our businesses if we all did the same. Take Care, Met

  • Claire Galea

    Great info Layla! And all true!

    Once people see the whole picture, they understand better. Keeping them focused on their own particular goal is the answer to success…ours and theirs!

    Keep it up! You rock!

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